UFO Enthusiasts - Here's Your Channels!

UFO enthusiasts are visual folks. They want to see what is being discussed, evaluate the setting, the witnesses and the craft to come to conclusions. There are some great YouTube channels to stay up on newly discovered craft, findings on Mars, MIBs, and all the UFO-related talk. I'm going to give some suggestions of channels to subscribe to here depending on your area of interest in UFOs - 

Up-To-the-Minute Videos of UFOs

Secureteam10 is my go-to channel for this. They present it clearly, briefly, and let you really get a good look at what they have. I like this channel and I watch it often! 

1950s SciFi movies

This playlist from Jimmy Mallett is pretty nice if you like an afternoon of 1950s SciFi movies that got you hooked on the subject.

Alien/UFO Coverup/Conspiracy

DarkJournalist has a good deal of videos pertaining to the potential cover-up of UFOs and alien visitation

Ancient Alien Technology

Brien Foerster has a great channel to reveal his research into ancient alien technology and evidence of aliens involved in Earth's history.

UFO High strangeness and Coverup

Paranormal Crucible has your high strangeness, coverup info, and creepy finds!

All info UFO Channel 

You might just want to subscribe to UFOtv just to get your feet wet. It has a vast library of all things UFO.

MUFON Channel

MUFON collects and investigates sighting reports. This is a good one to subscribe to.