Madam Curio

My Etsy shop, Madam Curio, has added new items and I am adding regularly even more! It's a mix of my original oil paintings utilizing my psychic senses and synesthetic spatial viewpoint, as well as a concentration on how the landscape reacts to the sky. 

Some of the oddities I am adding will be leading into more and more creepy sideshow items and Halloween/horror curios, as well as some lovely things for us bohemian-beach-oriented kind of gals. I'm an odd mix, but when you see it together, it makes sense.

PEEK-A-BOO (custom mirror)


There are numerous other paintings of magical things and vintage collectibles. I am adding a lot more items coming up and might start doing psychometry items. I used to do psychometry clocks that both looked like a feeling and provoked the feeling with the used items I made it out of. Here's an example - 

I am continually evolving as an artist, a psychic, and a storyteller. Madam Curio is the perfect persona for my work.