Bigfoot and Spooklights

Spooklights in Bigfoot Woods - they go hand-in-hand.

I have been studying this phenomena for years and it's an interesting one.

Those in the woods looking for Bigfoot or investigating cases, are running into small orbs of light that appear as if a distant porch light or lantern/flashlight in the woods. They are in areas that have no buildings or habitation. 

When researchers go to investigate, they can't seem to reach it or it moves positioning. A few researchers have almost gotten lost trying to define the light's location/source and then they become spooked that perhaps the light is used to do just that - disorient and mislead.

Ghost lights or spooklights are reported in many forests. In fact, some areas of the country have them some predictably that folks regularly come and watch (Brown Mountain, Marfa, Hornet spooklights).

Brown Mountain, NC

The bigger question is - now that more folks are wandering the woods at night are they incidentally running across these natural-forming lights or are the lights and Bigfoot somehow associated? Or, do the Bigfoot utilize a natural form of creating light to draw us humans with the poor night vision to seek the light? One thing they do know about us is our dependence on using lights at night and our association with light being from other humans. Are they utilizing that natural instinct in us to draw us to other areas in the woods, away from them? 

Should we, in fact, go the opposite direction of the lights instead of naturally wanting to go see who it is?

These are just some of the experiments I want to see going on in the field. Efforts to define where the lights come from are difficult and it would take a diligent team to be able to stop, leave one person there, take the rest towards the light, drop one off along the way, and on and on to leave a pathway of observers at various points instructing by walkie talkie, instead of everyone leaving the initial sighting spot and losing track of the course. 

If you are studying these lights or running into them, let me know. I'm keeping a running account of potential explanations or associations.


  1. Sharon, I've also been interested in these types of connections with Sasquatch. I like your question suggesting we might go against our natural instinct to follow the lights. sharing on my blog.

    1. I'm always pleased when I can shed a new view on something and hopefully spark interest in other researchers so we can compare notes. Good luck and keep me posted!


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