Saturday, May 7, 2016

Believe: Understanding Energies


Here's how it works. Energy can be loose, dense, vibrating, undulating, variable, rhythmic... it comes in many forms.

But, when you feel energy, when you utilize it, your own interpretive process now changes the very frequency of that energy.

Two people can have butterflies in their stomachs, but interpret it to mean two different things - the result is two different emotions, two different actions and outcomes.

In the case of dealing with the ghostly realm, we get a sensation in a haunted location and what we tell ourselves it means, how we interpret it, creates our emotional reaction and then our very action choices.

"RUN DUDE!" Remember that infamous moment?

How about possession?

How about terror?

How about excitement?

How about wonder?

How about curiosity?

How about determination?

So many outcomes from the same exposure to energy.

It all rests inside of you.

You turn energy into emotion and action by what you tell yourself that energy means...

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