Friday, April 22, 2016

Your Body as a Paranormal Barometer

The human body is the single best barometer of the unexplained.

We have many senses animals have for picking up vibes in our environment, but daily overstimulation from many sources makes us too distracted to take note.  But, when we sit in a haunted location in the dark and the quiet, we might feel something is watching, turn and see something, hear, smell something. We recognize 5 mediocre senses, but what of other senses, ones that involve chemistry, electrical, skin pores, sinuses, joints, and more? 

Our ability to perceive hauntings and our audio, cameras and video inability to capture what we encounter says much about the amazing chemical and electrical combination of us biological entities versus calibrated instruments with only one input and one interpretation process. 

Any true psychic will tell you that, we aren't certain how we are getting images, feelings, knowledge and sounds, but we know that our ability to interpret this serendipitous input is what gives us this extra sense. We all have it, we call it deja vu, coincidences, gut instincts and such.

Prickling goosebumps or "piloerections" are a first warning system and it comes from the pores in our skin. What is it noting? Why is it reacting? Perhaps ancient hair cells on the body contained sensory cells like they do in our nose and ears - able to pick up info from the environment.

Standing near a magnificent waterfall, we feel invigorated. We are taking in negative ions which have a euphoric effect on humans. It is so moving that they had to put precautions up in places like Niagara Falls where people can feel almost superhuman with bravery and good vibes. There is yet another sense that affects us in a "magical" way, as we don't seem to understand why we feel so content.

Electromagnetic storms, the side effect from solar flares, can cause vivid dreams in humans and increased suicide rates. And, why not, our pineal glands have magnetite which help our internal compass but can also be affected by electroamagnetism? Yet another element that affects our dreams and might also make us more perceptive of ghosts, which would explain why during geomagnetic storms, we have more success in ghost investigations. It is not likely the storms make more ghosts, they simply make us better able to perceive, that extra sense.

What about the effects of what we ingest? We know what drugs can do, but what of herbs? Spices? Certain drinks? Medications? Nutmeg can cause hallucinations and horseradish can make use feel flush and alert. They are changing our chemistry which we know changes perception, as we see in people who are tripping on drugs or those who are drunk and angry, or even those with bipolar disorder who need lithium. 

The shifting seismic activity in our area? Charged particles in the air? How about infrasound? These can all have an effect on us and yet we aren't sure why we suddenly feel nervous, uncomfortable, even panicky. There is something called vibroacoustic dynamics in which things like infrasound (ultra low frequency below our ability to hear) can affect the fluids within the body. Take a look at this experiment to get a sense of how much - 

We are affected by many unseen forces and we are ignorant to understand these influences. 

The only way to train ourselves to understand them is to journal - journal dreams and electromagnetic storms, sit by a stream and observe how you feel, feel your body's sensations in an actively haunted area - begin to learn your own barometer and what each sensation means

For each person it's different. For instance, for me when a spirit is making physical contact in the same space, my scalp tingles. For another scalp tingles may mean they are about to see something. If you keep a journal, you can make note of a sensation you had and then what activity occurred. When you find patterns, guess what? You then can become your own "psychic" as to what is about to occur and be prepared! 

Journal and learn.

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