You Can't Get Enough Josh Gates?

Josh Gates is universally loved for his sense of humor, his curiosity, his bravery and keen intelligence. He has the right amount of hope and skepticism to make his evaluations of the unexplained quite compelling.

If you loved him in "Destination Truth," you surely checked him out on "Expedition Unknown" on Travel Channel. You can find the first season out on Netflix streaming now!

I think we all hope to see Josh continue as the Indiana Jones of our ancient world in that fantastic way that a dynamic and charismatic, charming and yet awkward nerd should present finds to us via our TV and computer screens.

Some day, I'd like to see him take off six months or so and just investigate one impossible mystery and make a documentary based on the expedition. We all like to ride along with him, and not have to suffer the mosquitoes and traveler's illness, the freezing cold or the poisonous snakes.

Keep it up, Josh, we love you!