Why I'm Boycotting Destination America - Indefinitely!

I am boycotting Destination America Channel and Canada's T and E Channel, as well as Gryphon Productions - FOREVER! I will not promote their shows or suggest anyone watch it. 

I highly suggest you consider the same, as well as all those involved in the show and the team members including the GCBRO and the cast of the show. 

Here's why - 

"Killing Bigfoot" is not about a sensational reality show, it's about encouraging misanthropy and homicide. Pure and simple. It is ignorant and hateful.

There is nothing entertaining about it and if you watch "Destination America" channel, support the GCBRO and its members or T& and E Channel in Canada, 
you need to really reevaluate your values. 

Do not support the advertisers of this channel, the idiocy of the GCBRO or any of the subsidiaries by watching such a hateful show.



  1. I thought the same thing the first time I saw the add for the show. It is a terrible thing to promote, regardless of what they plan on killing!


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