Friday, April 1, 2016

Why I Hate Sleep Number Beds

At this point, I'm on endless months of tears over the sleep number bed. I bought a queen-sized one in 2010 when I got my divorce. For the first six months, it wasn't bad. I noticed I switched numbers constantly in search of something that felt right that night. I figured maybe I'm just having different needs each night. 

By six months, I was in great pain when I woke up, each time in a new place depending on how I slept. It was hitting all my pressure points in the oddest of ways and I would have to tweak the position of my pelvis to keep it from tilting oddly, cramp more pillows under my head to try to help my shoulder's discomfort, and generally was not a happy camper.

Years went by and I noticed that I was falling into a kind of hole in the center of the bed each night. Eventually that hole was noticeable just looking at the bed. The baffles within had shifted over time and I was sleeping with my head at the side of the bed and my butt down in the big crater. If I raised the number to a firmer level, it made the sides of the bed firmer too so the hole was just more pronounced.

I called and they said they knew about the issue in the center with the double mattresses on queen/king sets and they could sell me two options, either 80 bucks or over 100 bucks to give me parts to "shore it up" in the middle. They were aware of the issue, but they send you a patch kit basically to try to make the center seem higher. Instead of engineering these problems out at the beginning, they keep you having to pay for "fix it" alternatives.

I went online and gave a bad review.

They called back and said they would be willing to give me a new mattress that is a single chamber one. Okay, I was relieved. At that point, I was shoving blankets and pillows into the middle of the bed to support me.

The guy came and filled it up and I noted a better night's sleep just being on even ground.

Within three months, the bed once again was sagging in the middle, baffles having moved again and causing it to have inaccurate reads. I would get on the bed, lay down, hard on the sides, soft in the middle. I would lay in the middle, ask it to go to 50. Wake up during the night and it feels kind of squishy. I hit 60 and it starts counting up from 35 even though the screen said 50.

I am in tears at this point, as I haven't been able to sleep a full night or even much of a partial night for weeks. I sleep sideways, turned around, put an egg crate pad on it, folded up a comforter on it. 

If I sleep at my friend's house on a regular mattress, I am out like a light, don't even move during the night. I come home and I'm having shoulder blade pains, elbow pains, hip pains, low back pains.... I wiggle and try to align to make it work and then soon the bed shifts me back into a bad position, so I have to tighten my muscles to force myself to stay in the right position as I nod off. 

I literally dread having to go into the bedroom and sleep. 

I ordered a new mattress - a normal one. The sleep number bed is nothing but a glorified air mattress on a camping trip and all the number changes in the world won't help the pressure point issues and overall discomfort of sleeping on air (even if you have their mattress cover pads).  

That was $2000 horribly spent dollars and I advise people to really think it over before committing to sleeping on air. Your body will hate you at every pressure point!

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