The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Footprint of the Treat Thief!

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.


Volume 3

Field Visit #5

Friday February 5, 2016

I arrived at the park approximately 2:37 PM. The temperature was 61 with a clear, blue sky. It was cool and crisp with a breeze. 

Upon arriving, I did my close bike ride then left for the P.R.O.W. This was at 2:55 PM.

Photos with observations noted as follows:

# 1. thru # 3.  Just past the 1/4 mile marker at the cedar tree with a small clearing, the 2 limbs which had been leaning against the rear of the cedar tree were now on the ground.??? The 2 limbs were now back away from the tree to the rear and crossed??? The large limb I left at my previous visit was still behind the tree but not aligned as I had left it. I took my large limb and laid it across the junction of the 2 limbs. I'm still puzzled about what I see at this cedar tree and at the small clearing. Is this just another person like me messing with the limbs etc.? Don't know. It does cause me to stop nearly every time I pass by. Also the L limb seen on the north side of the trail last visit is now gone???? Possibly thrown back into the woods by park personnel.

I moved on to the P.R.O.W and arrived around 3:30 PM.

#4. thru #7. After arriving at the site, I was amazed. The food items have been taken from the hanging backpack. ????? The various wrappers can be seen around the site. What's unusual this time is the pack has been zipped up instead of being left open. 2 wrappers are below the pack on the ground. The cereal wrapper was approximately 50' away. A Baby Ruth candy bar wrapper was 8' from the pack. 

#8.  Last visit, I put the painted red ball with face in the low crook of the large, close-by tree. It was now approximately 4' from the crook.????

#9.  I had placed 4 small limbs inside of the rolled up chicken wire. one of the limbs was now on the ground under the chicken wire. ??????

#10.   The yellow ball, at the painted red stick man, has been moved.????

#11. thru # 13. Alright! I finally saw a right foot print with toes.?????? I was walking at the old gifting tree and approximately 3 'from it, I found this obvious right foot print. It measured 11"-3.5"-2.5'. I was excited. This wasn't just an impression to me.

#14. I was hyped up from the footprint. I went back into the woods were the pack was hanging. Approximately 30' from the pack I found the Smores bar wrapper.?????

#15.  I didn't notice earlier, that 1 limb from the painted stick man was turned up on its natural wood side. ???? Now this has happened at both sites.

#16. thru #18.  I put these food items into the back pack and zipped it up tight. Whatever is taking the food from the pack has mastered unzipping and zipping at its leisure. Again, the pack is 7' off the ground to the zippers.

#19. and #20.  I added 2 thin sticks, non-painted, and re-did the balls set-up at the head/neck area of stickman. Also, one red stick at the groin is turned up to represent the male reproductive organ. Will it be changed?

#21.  I re-set the red ball back on a limb of the tree.

#22.  I removed the 3 limbs from inside the chicken wire and set the 3 on top of the wire, perpendicular to the main limb with wire.

I left the P.R.O.W. for site 1B. This was approximately 4:20PM. I arrived at 1B around4:35PM.

#23. and #24.  The sticks on pipe#1 have been adjusted and 1 was missing.?????

#25.  On pipe #2, the 2 small sticks have been moved and I was missing.????

#26.  On pipe #3, the left side stick has been moved.????

I left the sticks on the pipes as I found them. I'll see if they are moved again from how they are now.

#27.  The bottom tennis ball was now against the softball????

#28. thru #30.  All these sticks were found on the left side of balls and rocks set-up. ????? They weren't looking like this last visit.

The food items in the map case had not been taken. the tires set-up under the map case were still in place. Did this set-up under the map case intimidate whatever from taking the food? I moved the 2 tires back into the small trees.

#31. thru #33.  The yellow tire was now at an angle, not as I left it prior. The other tires are back in the small trees.

#34.  I took the yellow painted bottles and made another set-up to be messed with.

#35.  I brought the blue painted rim and 6" nail to the tree. Also I put up the bear-bee doll.

#36.  This small zippered bag contains a large Butterfinger candy bar. I have attached the large Butterfinger's wrapper bag to the zippered bag. Will it be taken? Probably. Sweet treats are always taken. 

At 5:20 PM I left for home. It was a awesome visit!

This concludes field report #5 for Friday February 05, 2016.


  1. The backpack needs to be higher, above what human can reach.


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