South Mountain Park: Flying Humanoids, Phoenix Lights, Pyramids, Treasures and a Missing Tribe!

Here in Phoenix, Arizona in the seat of all weird things in the sky, we find a new sighting of a flying humanoid videotaped near South Mountain - which is also the location of the infamous Phoenix Lights. 

If you do any hiking in South Mountain, you will find the HoHoKam missing tribe's petroglyphs from around the years 1000 to 1100 AD. Their pottery still litters the ground in many areas. And, some say the glyphs portray some kind of aerial phenomena.


  Jeff Woolwine (researcher of glyphs and UFOs) and I, South Mountain Park

Researcher, Jeff Woolwine, caught this video of a flying humanoid in South Mountain years ago.


Admittedly, South Mountain has some of the weirdest energy outside of Sedona. I cannot explain it except to say, it feels both regenerative, ancient, and one is drawn to it like some kind of pilgrimage programmed into ones very DNA.

On April 2nd of this year as someone was mountain biking in the park. The bicyclist thought at first it might be a deflated hot hair balloon, but it was stationary and it seemed to be something solid with something hanging below. 

Here is the video footage of April 2nd - 

South Mountain park is the largest municipal park in the country. It is vast. It is also one of the largest urban parks in the world. 

South Mountain also separates the greater Phoenix area from the vast open desert to the south where Barry Goldwater Testing Range exists, as well as being east of Luke Air Force Base which causes many to think there is much going on here that is our own. The Valley of the Sun enjoys a great vista of the entire area, as skies are clear and visibility is intensely good, so anything in the sky is likely going to get notice when you have 180-degrees of clear view.

Whatever this is, I kind of suspect it wasn't the only one ever seen here before.  Perhaps these things have been seen for thousands of years.

Painted Rock glyphs - Gila Bend, AZ (not far from South Mountain) 


Of all the many hiking trails in South Mountain's huge park, one intrigues people - it's called Pyramid Trail. Oddly, in the Grand Canyon, they have trails all over the place referring to Egypt. It's hard not to stand on the paths, taking in the welcome shade of the mountain and not note the pyramidal shapes.

Some wonder if the ancient tribes might have known something was in these hills and it has led to many legends of gold hidden by Spanish explorers and guarded by the ancient tribe of HoHoKam.

There are plenty of legends of robbers hiding treasure in the South Mountain area or possibly something much more ancient, but when you hike around this park, it's hard not to imagine that this tallest peak on the valley floor might just hold a cache, given its prime location and ability to identify, as well as it's huge area to hide in.

Missing Tribe

The HoHoKam tribe settled into the Phoenix area and built a massive canal system for farming around 800 AD, as well as building an observatory "Casa Grande Ruins" and yet they went oddly missing at some point after 1450 AD.

For a people who reportedly built the most massive canal system in North America way ahead of their time, were able to grow massive crops and even an observatory, that they went missing leaves many mysteries behind, much like the Sinagua and the Anasazi. It's apparent that Arizona tribes at some point faced major dilemmas or what we believe to be reading in the evidence left behind is inaccurate somehow, as other cultures might have contributed to the land and many people might have come and gone.

Phoenix Lights

March 13, 1997, a huge amount of people in Arizona saw two separate events, one were lights over top of South Mountain, and another was the movement of a chevron-shaped silent enormous craft from Nevada, through Arizona and down toward Mexico. 

As witnesses reported seeing 6 lights on the craft overhead, those lights on the same night as the lights seen over South Mountain were lumped together in a singular event, even though they were clearly separate.

The military proclaimed some time after that they had allowed an out of state team to drop flares in the Barry Goldwater Range behind South Mountain, but most who saw the lights and took photos and video, reported there were no streaking smoke trails or movement as if separate entities. Those who saw the giant craft reported that underneath this football-field-sized craft, the bottom appeared to shimmer with an iridescent quality, like oil on water, in a way. Even the state's governor later admitted that he too had seen it and thought it was otherworldly.

The question now is, did they come back?


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