Saturday, April 16, 2016

My Oil Paintings - Evolving Collection

My Madam Curio Shop is starting to fill day by day with interesting unusual vintage finds that suit me and my quirky tastes, as well as lots of my oil paintings that show my obsession with sky and the effects it has on anything below. I am about to start some new ones of sunflowers and an oil pumper, but I expect to expand into some desert ones to go along with the ocean ones. 

Here's the ones in the shop now for sale - 

Here's ones I'm still working on - 





Other odd items -

I am having the time of my life painting again and evolving my sky work and my colorful images. This is how I see these scenes, as a psychic, a natural lover, and someone who feels space viscerally. 

Thanks for supporting my artistic efforts. I also have upcoming books in the pipeline of creative industry, as well. I will keep my readers posted.

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