Investigation: Arizona Ghost Town

I am sharing an investigation done a week ago by myself and two of my team members in a ghost town in Arizona. I don't usually share my reports because of private home owners, but this was a public location that we had the opportunity to enjoy all night long. 

March 24, 2016

We arrived at 6 pm and got situated. The town is within a trailer court area, as odd as that sounds, but the tenants are only there in the winter. The public was invited to the event for early evening.

We went into the Opera House which was actually the original store there, many of the owners having been murdered right in it.

James from Arizona Paranormal Cowboys gave a talk to the public gathered in the room. Then, he called me up to talk. I got up and talked about ghosts and fielded a lot of excited questions and ran out of business cards. I wasn’t expecting to have to talk.

We branched off with small groups of the public into the buildings. We took our group over to the old hotel/billiards/poker building. Interestingly, it had a crypt. Well, it was a door in the floor that went into a dug-out cellar where bodies could be stored during bad weather instead of the hard ground outside in the wintertime. Many buildings had such places. I cannot imagine what the rooms above smelled like for those renting a bed.

The first room was not a terribly active one, but I did get to explain the use of a laser grid and EVP session guidelines.

We moved into the next room that led to the floor door which we opened up to reveal the hard earthen cellar below. No EMF readings or anything extraordinary until we stood for a while in the room to do an EVP session. 

The Crypt

I stared out the doorway into the front room where I saw (this is purely a vision in my mind that is spatially guided by my unusual skills for placing things in the spots they are in the environment), a man. He was slender, not very tall, tan shirt, and something hanging around his neck that looked rather rust-colored. He was very twitchy and nervous about us being in the building and I got a flood of info from this man I call Pete (with a surname that sounded Polish). He had graying blond hair and a mustache. He was standing exactly where one of the people in our group was standing. I asked the man standing there if he felt anything and he pulled up his sleeve to reveal the long hairs on his right arm standing on end in a magnificent soldier-like display. I also felt the same tingle on my left arm.

We moved on from there to the Wells Fargo/prison cell building. This had a large room with small rooms in the rear. This was a VERY active building.

We came in and situated around the room. I stood in a spot there I got a strong, what I call inner electric cold – it’s not on the skin, but inside the body and feels electric and stone cold. I knew I was standing in the spot of a man. I was seeing through his eyes, this woman in the corner. I walked to the corner, stood in her spot, looked over toward where the man was situated and felt her perspective.

I grabbed up Julie from our team and silently placed her in the woman’s spot, walked across the room and stood in the man’s spot. Julie felt chills but she wasn’t sure why.

The man was intimidating by his silence. Everyone in the town had a story about his origins, his name, and the mystery of him caused lots of rumors. He liked that no one quite understood who he was or where he had been. Someone had found some evidence of a Confederate item in his belongings once which caused even more rumors.

He stared down the woman because she was the only woman who would not be intimidated by him. She could not be seduced, cajoled, charmed, or threatened. She didn’t even want to live, so she didn’t have anything to lose by standing him down, in life or afterlife.

The woman was about 5’6”, slender, hawkish nose, close-set eyes, unattractive by any standard with light brown hair that was curtained over the top of her forehead and had a wave to it. She wore a light blue dress with a denim or dark blue apron.

She was considered a spinster. She was in her late 20s/early 30s. She had moved around from town to town all her life working service, washing clothes, straightening beds, working in the kitchen, where she did not have to deal with people, could be an invisible servant that came and went without notice. She hated people. She hated herself. She could be in a place and no one would see her. Invisible to the world. She was the runt of the family, outcast since birth.

I did get the sense she took her life or at least when she went, she was glad. But, she remains to hold this man in check and another man in the town with a dark history. Her very presence keeps things in balance. She doesn’t mind if it’s eternity. She means to see bullies held down. She hates bullies.

Someone in the group asked if she could be comforted or confronted and I said that, no, she could not be earned trust unless she encountered a woman of similar background, who knew what it was like to be invisible, to be independent all her life, to have a hard and very lonely life, to never fit in.

As I described the woman in detail, a woman in the group (who stays in a trailer on the property) came forward with her camera and showed me a picture of a woman looking out a window, her hair draped over the edge of her forehead, slender face, hawkish features. It was the woman! She then told me that there are stories of a woman in a blue gown seen around the property. I did not have any details on ghosts in the town, so I was glad to arrive fresh and new. I do not like anything to color what I interpret.

As we stood there, another very odd energy entered the room and the only way I can describe it was a white curled up ball of energy that bounced around the ceiling, hit the floor, came back up, darted back and forth like a Tasmanian devil in the cartoons. It was the oddest thing I’d ever seen and what I could make of it was either a baby born dead or died as a baby. It seemed to be a pure energy with nothing written on it yet, but human. While I was trying to pinpoint more on the energy (I had not shared this with the group, as I was sorting it out in my mind), David from our team requested an investigator walk back to where she was and repeat the path she had just walked across the room. He had seen something.

When she did this, he announced that it was not a trick of light or something. He had seen a basketball-sized ball of light following her as she walked across the floor. This was at the same time I was honed in on this energy.

We moved on to walk the property, talked about the oddities there, like when static electricity from dry air and wind in the mining area got charged up, rushed up the iron-filled mountains to the rings of quartz around the top and discharged colorful streamers and light shows. We also talked about evidence of ancient giants there. The public were curious and well informed. I met some very amazing people including a treasure hunter that I might get to write on the blog about his amazing findings – he had an album he showed me that stupefied me. These are the stories I enjoy sharing.

The public left and we had a break and then everyone left, except for Julie, David and myself from our team, Arizona Paranormal Investigators.

I cannot describe how exciting it is to have a small team of investigators that are less disruptive and more organized to enter the building without causing a lot of chaos. Once the craziness of a bunch of strangers is gone and it’s just three individuals, we become a curiosity and less threatening. 

We headed out to the Wells Fargo/holding cell building. We walked into the back holding cell area and did a brief EVP session. 

We moved out into the main room. I sat near the door, David sat in the more central area to my left and Julie to the right. We began an EVP session with questions. 

At one point, studying the open doorway to the holding cell area, I kept seeing shadows shifting. I asked it to come out. 

David asked it to close the front door near me, which was a creaky old heavy door that was open about 10-12 inches on rusted hinges. We cajoled it to be a gentleman and close the door and then, it began to squeak and close as I watched it nearby and the others heard it, when it was about 4 inches from being shut, it slammed.

At 5 seconds you hear the door creak, at 8 seconds it slams.

We considered the room, the air, the wind outside which was completely still at the time (watching trees from the window-lined walls). We had been there about 20-30 minutes when the door shut so it did not show signs of shutting until we requested it specifically.

I set up a laser grid in the open doorway in the distance, but it fizzled out of battery strength, so I set a soft camp light on the floor, stood in the doorway facing the others, my back to the holding cell. We continued the EVP session and I sensed someone behind me, had a vague sense of him approaching and all at once my photography vest was yanked in the center of my back, a hard tug. I spun around and studied the empty space. Julie saw some kind of change in darkness and light around me as this happened.

When we were done there, we moved on to the hotel/billiards/poker building. Here, we had an EVP session in the front room and then the back room where the trap door crypt was. I had a sense of Pete and we got some interesting sounds. But, when I asked if he might prefer men to women, it seemed as if everything went silent. We moved on. 

Reviewing the audio, after Julie says "Sharon said you left," you hear a soft what sounds like a woman saying "dang it - " At the very end, you hear a loud voice saying ???

In the billiards room, David set up a ball right near each pocket and requested that they knock a ball in with an easy tap. The room was fairly silent except some sounds in Pete’s room next door. I had a sense of four men on the far side of the room, one with a neat dark handlebar mustache. All of them were frozen as if they were not sure what to do. I had the sense that Julie’s and my presence somehow intimidated them in this male-oriented room. We moved on to take a break and came back to retrieve the audio recorder that we left in there, hoping that our departure had them animated again.

Audio: We captured a few times what sounded like balls clinking, but no balls appeared to move.

Our last building was the opera house that was once the store with many store owners killed there. This is also the building we had the presentation in at the beginning of the evening. David noted the back room to it which was a bar. We all felt a bit “alive” in the room.

I used my KII meter to get a baseline. It was just on the first green light, nothing else and then I set it on the bar and it went to red. We figured it must be electrical. David looked under the counter where the power was. So, I moved it across the room to the far wall, set it on a table and it was not showing anything and then we began talking and it started lighting up to red again, dancing back and forth. I picked it up, moved it to another location further down. It was still lighting up and then went back to green. I figured this intermittent issue was over, but as we began to talk again, it started rolling through the lights. So, we set it down on a table in the room. It was not showing anything. But as we set up for our EVP session, it began to dance every time David spoke. I thought that was odd. We knew there was no reason for the meter to go off here. There was no air-conditioning or heating units running cyclically or any other sporadic interruption.

We began the EVP session focusing on what the KII was doing. David firmly and clearly said to stop the lights, step away from the meter to confirm it understood. The meter went back to green baseline. Then, David asked a question and it began to dance the lights up to orange. He did a back and forth hoping to prove that it was random. Occasionally, it was seconds slow to respond, but it did. It seemed as if a pattern were developing, so David put down money on the table, offering it drinks to light up the meter, which it danced excitedly in response to. He would tell it stop lighting it up and it would. It seemed that the vast majority of the time, David was getting a response from it. Sometimes, we would just watch it for a while before speaking, but it seemed like when we asked questions it excitedly responded. 

We moved into the main room and began our last EVP session for the night. We heard some footsteps and odd sounds from the back room/bar. We began another session with the meter, this time utilizing David’s meter which skipped up to some unbelievably high numbers excitedly in response. It seemed that as we asked more questions, it began to show it was straying somewhat, the room felt rather boring and we finally decided to end it for the evening.


My overall impression of the town is that, yes, there is a good deal of activity. We had reports of “cobweb” feelings, clothing being tugged, door closing, lots of footsteps and other odd sounds, a ball of light seen with the eyes (not camera), goosebumps, and more.

It is always difficult bringing in a larger number of the public who are inexperienced and perhaps nervous or loud. We all did a fine job of showing them how this works and allowing them to witness it. This town has enormous potential for a closed team and full coverage of the buildings, most especially the Opera House and the Wells Fargo/holding cell building.

Next investigation, I would suggest that, given large light orbs viewed with the eyes in the Wells Fargo building, that the focus of that be DVR. I would suggest some serious KII and Mel meter sessions in the opera house back room/bar. 

I believe that this town might be ideal for two people per building for less disruptive bodies and more curious interest, as well as an attempt or two at the silent EVP sessions.

In the men’s billard room, I would suggest a man or a couple men be posted in there. I would put a female alone in the building where Stanton was killed (it was locked for the public, but next investigation we plan to get access). Women are a better attractant in the Wells Fargo/holding room building, men in the opera house. Pairings with one sex going into places might elicit a stronger reaction here. I believe the mix of male/female was repelling those who had an interest in one or the other.


I love the movie "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken" so I made a few ghost hunting team memes from them - 


  1. Awesome account of the investigation. I am looking forward for the entire team to be able to investigate this town again.


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