Sunday, April 17, 2016

Horror on Netflix Streaming

Let's have a look at some of Netflix streaming's horror offerings now. I'll try to hit every category of type of horror. 

If you are into campy, tongue-in-cheek, ridiculous, over the top silliness: Cowboys Vs. Dinosaurs. A cowboy, a sheriff and the woman they love are fighting off dinosaurs to save their lives. Zombeavers is about vacationing kids in the woods being attacked by killer beavers. Big Ass Spider! is a fun one about an LA exterminator and a 50-foot spider. *I suggest perhaps a drinking game for these fine fare - perhaps a hit every time they show a CGI critter. 

If you are in the mood for classic timeless horror: The Legend of Hell House in which a team arrives at a house with a very dark history in hopes of finding life after death. The Exorcist about an adolescent girl who becomes possessed. The Awakening about a woman in the Victorian times who debunks hauntings, only to be sent to a boy's school in the English countryside that seems to be truly haunted.

If you want to experience horror movies with monsters: Cujo about a woman and her child trapped in their car while a rabid big dog attacks it. Trollhunter is a Scandivanian horror movie about a man who is hired by the government to handle the troll population in the forests. The Host is along the lines of a Godzilla-type monster with a toxic mutant stealing a child and a father who goes to save her.

If you're looking for slasher genre like the 1980s classics: Joy Ride 3 is about street racers who piss off a truck driver and pay the price.  Splatter is about a rocker who commits suicide but comes back from the grave to punish those who tormented him. Scream 2 is about Sydney now in college and thinking her issues are over when another killer begins tormenting her.

If you are looking for horror you might not have heard of that sounds pretty interesting:  Intruders is about a faceless monster that visits two kids, and neither the church or home security cameras can capture it. Monsters is about a photographer and his boss's daughter stranded in a deadly landscape in a foreign country while monsters attack. Hush is about a woman who lives in a world of silence, but an intruder finds out she's no easy prey. Neverlake is about an eerie lake with strange children trying to lure a girl to it.

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  1. I might try that Cowboys and Dinosaurs .... of course I will.