Saturday, April 9, 2016

Believe: Haunted Bed and Breakfast

I always dreamed of having an old historic building to convert into a Bed and Breakfast, perhaps have a 10 o'clock scary story telling in front of the fireplace while sipping brandy with the guests. 

There is something interesting about having guests in a haunted location for the night. When I was growing up, it seemed that weirdness came out in droves during the night for visitors. 

One time, my brother's friend awakened to something often encountered in the house, a blue mist forming overhead and icy cold temperature drop. Another friend was playing hide and seek with me, hid behind a berm and a ghost man in a war uniform on horseback leaped over her, disappearing in mid air. Another time, a visitor went upstairs to check on her baby and screamed. She saw the dark shadow figure in the hallway.

In Missouri, there is a place called the Haunted Castle House and it has been turned into a bed and breakfast.

This place is apparently quite active with lots of phenomena and has even had investigators and psychics give it a visit and proclaim the place is haunted.

(pic from second floor Martha Dixon room)

The place allows for ghost investigation teams, has tours, and haunted rooms. And, once every month they have a fun event (I've done one before and they are fun) - a murder mystery act. 

For all my Midwestern buddies or those on road trips trekking through this region, you might want to put this spot high on your list. 

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