UFO Hot Spots Around the World

UFO hotspots 
the bigger the circle, the more witnesses 

Above is a map of just the UFO sightings in the US. But what about sightings around the world? What can we learn from these hot spots and where might you plan a trip just to have a chance to see one?

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona already has a reputation of having four vortexes, or energy points where energy lines from around the globe converge. The land is beautiful with the red rock, but also has an odd ancient feel to it. At night, when the lights go out - the sky comes alive, often times with more than just stars!

Mexico City, Mexico 

Mexico City has become a real hot spot ever since a mass sighting during an eclipse. Everyone was looking at the sky and there was more there than just an occurring eclipse. Since then, reports pour in of more and more group sightings and individuals to the point that it has become a "hot spot" for UFOs, as well as sightings of flying humanoids (appear to be a person flying with a device like a jet-pack).

Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey has an extremely interesting ancient culture with finds that defy description to the point that we consider them ancient puzzles, including pyramids. Sometimes, ancient places with ancient cultures also correlate with UFO activity. Such would be the case in Istanbul, where they get some exceptional views.

Sochi, Russia

There appear to be different types of UFO encounters in different places around the globe. It seems Sochi, Russia has more reports of actual landing and interactions, as well as crashes.

Manitoba, Canada

Manitoba isn't just a UFO hot bed, it is also considered to have had UFOs as far back as the 1700s. Thousands of UFO reports have come out of this prairie province.

Bonnybridge, Scotland

For a small Scottish town, Bonnybridge amazingly has hundreds of UFO reports. It has affectionately been named the "UFO Capital of Scotland."

Wycliffe Well, Australia

Wycliffe is said to be the "UFO Capital of Australia." UFOs are so common that people travel there just to experience it. 


Sure, Santiago has a LOT of reports of UFOs, but the whole country, especially the vast mining areas are riddled with reports. Many speculate, in fact, that the copper mines are the attraction for otherworldly visitors. 


I realized that UFO hot spots tend to have a flurry of other reports in that region from Bigfoot to cryptids, ghost lights, disappearances, and more. All of them are associated with finds of ancient giants' locations.

I have to wonder if there are touch points on the globe where interaction from other realms is more readily accessible or accepted.

When you are creating a work of art in two dimensions, like a painting, everywhere your brush makes contact is interacting with that and creating something in that dimension. Could this be what happens with a superdimensional being interacts with our realm?

Are they creating more dynamics in our universe in workable areas?


  1. Very interesting.

    Are energy lines the same as ley-lines the same? Are they mapped?

    1. Some people have worked to map the leylines or energy grid around the earth, but that is in a broad sense. The city of Seattle actually hired a group to map the entire city's leylines and where the leylines converged - power centers - they erected monuments. I like that idea. I wish more would embrace that.


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