Saturday, March 12, 2016

Spiritual and Healing Consultants: Finding What You Need

Finding the right spiritualist for your particular needs is critical to becoming whole. The next step is finding the practitioner who suits you, who feels right. I'd like to discuss a bit about finding the type of guide you need and where you might them.

Spiritual/Emotional Healing

Spiritual consultants are an ideal choice when one is facing issues alone, or internally, hoping to make sense of it, but finding no solace from religious consultants or family. Sometimes, the best thing one can receive when searching for answers is simply compassion and some insight into direction to proceed. The best choice for this work comes in the category of clairvoyants.  

Clairvoyants:  If you are searching for guidance and insight into where your life is, where it is headed or if you wish to make contact with deceased loved ones, a clairvoyant is the best choice. 

What is helpful about this realm of assistance is that clairvoyants don't just have insight into aspects of your life and your path, but also empathic abilities that allow them to connect with you on a level that validates your experience. This can be a very cathartic experience. 

Choices for readings include; tea readers, love readers, fortune telling, past life readers, tarot readers, mediums (who speak to the dead), astrologers, and clairvoyants. 

Here is a link to a suggested site to learn about the types of clairvoyants and to find the appropriate one for you, all in one place.

Physical Healing

If you are seeking physical healing from ailments, there are a lot of practices you can pursue. 

Acupuncture: For some, acupuncture, the ancient practice of applying very fine needles to energy meridians around the body to correlate stimulation in healing is a very practical and beneficial choice.

Reiki:  Reiki is a form of hands-on healing. Working on the energy fields around one's body, a Reiki practitioner will work on healing your body systems without even a need for contact. The purpose of this practice is to help get your body's energies working properly together for health and healing.

Holistic medicine/integrative physicians:  Holistic doctors and integrative physicians are two alternative physicians more and more people are choosing these days. Holistic doctors will work with natural elements, believing that a bit of what causes a problem, such as pollen for allergies, is what can actually help your body recognize and handle it. Instead of searching through a pad of medicines drug companies pushed on them, holistic doctors will help a patient find less aggressive alternatives. Integrative physicians take the best of east and west medicine and combine to give appropriate treatments without being guided by western medicine's aggressive approach. 

Chiropractors:  Most people associate chiropractors with whiplash or back problems, but chiropractors concern themselves with the alignment of your skeletal system allowing for all systems to work properly, as well as relieve pain, and utilize advice on diet and lifestyle, as well. A lot of people visit their chiropractor before  their family doctor when having issues from constant headaches and jaw pain to backache and more. 

Gerson Therapy:  This therapy involves the use of organics and vegan diet, juicing, and colonics to help the body to heal itself through your own immune system and to rebalance all systems with a clean diet, high nutrients, and internal cleansing. This has been sought by many with autoimmune conditions and cancer. In fact, there is a clinic just over the border in Mexico, as America doesn't allow this alternative for cancer therapy. There are a great many videos about this available on YouTube. 

Colonics:  Those with digestive disorders and immune issues have learned to alter diets away from milk and glutens, to add probiotics (the digestive system is the seat of your immunity), and have included colonics for flushing out the intestines so they can do their job right. Consider this the equivalent of cleaning your chimney to have a smoke-less fire in the wintertime. 

Other: Color therapy, essential oils, meditation, biofeedback, shamanism.


We often get caught up in the use of conventional MDs and therapists for our healing.  They are certainly appropriate choices, but not always satisfying. Physicians have limited time and are often courted heavily by pharmaceuticals, as well as having almost no training at all in the benefits of nutrition or how the digestive track handles our immunity and our emotions. 

Alternative therapies are considered "complementary" because they can enhance and complement the traditional routes already undertaken.

Therapists often get comfortable in their role as a listening ear. Some do not even offer new skill sets or insights, but allow the patient to pay to unload their frustrations for an hour a week. They also do not offer anything of a nature of insight into your future, your deceased loved ones, or other factors that may affect your life and which they have no ability to tap. Clairvoyant assistance can be very complementary to other mental health supports. In a lot of cases, one's clairvoyant has offered a lot more healing and satisfaction.

Whatever course you pursue for physical, emotional or spiritual healing, it helps to be receptive to both traditional and nontraditional means to cover all the bases and to get balanced therapy.

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  1. I've had good luck with some alternative physical therapy.

    It's times like these I wish we were a larger spot on the map and spiritual and emotional healers were available.