Monday, March 14, 2016

How Psychic Investigators Can Benefit From Psychic Mediums

*This is a guest post written by Danielle of Psychic Waters*

Paranormal investigators specialise in investigating buildings and locations that have witnessed supernatural activity. They have been able to find ghosts and solve unusual mysteries. Paranormal investigators would benefit from the assistance of psychic mediums. 

Whilst many investigators have to rely on sensory equipment to find the supernatural, psychics have natural abilities that make them vital. Here is how investigators can benefit from psychic mediums:

Solve cold cases

Psychics have a history of helping police and detectives to solve cases. They have been able to track down missing people and play important roles in murder cases.

In 2001, the family of missing Thomas Braun contacted a psychic called Leanna Adams to help them find him. In this case, the police were unwilling to act on Adams’ advice. The psychic went herself to Alice Springs where she believed Thomas’ body to be. She found a body which was later identified with DNA to be Thomas.

Psychic mediums have extrasensory abilities that help them locate people. Some psychics can have visions about missing people, they can see where they last were or even witness their last moments. These unique gifts are useful for investigators who are trying to solve cold cases.

Communicate with spirits

Whilst paranormal investigators have to rely on specialist equipment to find clues of paranormal activity, psychic mediums are naturally attuned to the supernatural. Psychics have been popularly contacted to contact spirits of loved ones. Usually, psychics only need a few personal items to establish a connection with a spirit.

Investigators have been asked on many occasions to visit homes and buildings that are suspected to be haunted by ghosts. Psychics can be hired to communicate with ghosts and find out their identity. Once you know the identity and motivations of a ghost you can discover why they continue to remain in this world.

Help clients get answers

Because psychics are naturally attuned to the supernatural, they’ve been hired to help people find answers. Psychic mediums work with their customers on a regular basis. They know the correct etiquette on how to speak to clients, especially when dealing with difficult situations. Psychics understand how important it is to be sensitive when talking to clients who have hired them. Along with their abilities, psychics understand the sensitivity of paranormal work and are able to work professionally with investigators.

Psychic mediums can benefit paranormal investigators. Their supernatural abilities helps them communicate with spirits which is valuable when you’re hunting ghosts or solving mystery cases. If you’re considering hiring a psychic, look for one who has experience working in paranormal investigations.

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