Unbelievable Carved Stone Baffling Peruvian Researchers

As far as the Americas are concerned and ancient mysteries, Peru has to be the seat of where ancients landed and civilized this continent. 

From the Paracas elongated skull people to the legends of giants landing and digging wells in rock, to ancient stone structures and Nazca lines, this country rocks the mysteries like few others!

Sayhuite is one such mystery. The find of this giant stone with odd carvings has been said to be associated with the Incas but its meanings and purpose are lost over time. 

I am reminded oddly of Rongorongo - the unknown language found on Easter Island that even the Rapa Nui didn't seem to understand and might be attributed to the long-earreds that lived there first.

It isn't known for sure when it was carved, but it is assumed by archaeologists to be Incan and represent "worship" (the catch-all for archaeology). Every time there is a finding they do not understand or dare to be  brave enough to ask questions about, they categorize it as "worship," "religion" or "gods" and call the case closed. Their myopic and cowardly assumptions have led us to many dead-ends in the field of studying ancient man. So long as they continue the same old world explanation for everything they don't understand, we will get nowhere. Thankfully, there are many who ask questions of out of place/out of time finds. 

We may not understand this ancient find, but we must admit, we do not understand how it was made, why it was made, or who made it.