Friday, February 5, 2016

Oil paintings!

I decided five years ago that I wasn't going to try to live a perfect life, but instead an interesting one. 

When you decide your life will be interesting, something happens - you quit labeling things "win" and "lose" "good" and "bad" and you start looking at the complexity, the texture, the flavor, the range of experiences. 

An interesting life involves not taking the path, but blazing a trail. 

Lately, I've been doing a collection of paintings to add to my Etsy shop and I have updated the look of the shop to suit my work. 

I am hoping to focus purely on the way I see the world with my synesthetic, psychic, colorful, and child-like style. 

My paintings are about sky and what it does to everything beneath it. I hope to take people into my vision through a series of paintings. After all, the one time we realize we are part of a world is when we look up at the ceiling of sky overhead and know that it goes on forever....

Some of my art will be stylish and fashion-forward, perhaps some portraits, but the vast majority will be sky and sea or rural settings; moments of utter beauty in locations we can all relate to having been at some time. 

I am in the process of finishing a bunch of paintings right now.

This one I did for me

This 2 x 4 painting I am doing for myself

"Crash" is about halfway done

"Rural Route" is just started - 
much more to come

Portrait so far - just begun - 

These mystical-themed paintings are available in my Etsy Shop MADAM CURIO

"Thor's Quest" (ghost ship)

The shop features a bunch of ghost mirrors - like these -

Some unusual art collectibles - like these - 

Abby the Abandoned Mannequin

"Crow Eater" scarecrow head - 
ready to go on a pole

There are lots of other interesting finds in the shop and I do mean to showcase all kinds of art, even painted onto objects and such. It will expand to include more nature items and sea-inspired work. I am evolving as an artist, but I have a good sense of who I am and what I love. 

Thanks to all who support my efforts by cheering me on and helping me chase my dream of bringing all my facets together - including research, the unexplained, the wonders of the world and its beauty, nature, and life coaching. I have a feeling it comes together somehow, but for now I'm just plugging away at all my obsessions.

I promise to update from time to time. 

and follow my photos on Instagram - you can see everywhere I've been and what I've been up to chasing storms and abandoned sites, ghosts and Bigfoot, gardening, and painting.

If you want to get personal, find me on Facebook where I yuck it up all the time.

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