Saturday, February 13, 2016

Killing Grounds: How Bigfoot Hunts!

My Grandmother Marta Eng-Thorvaldsen from Swedish Lapland was born in the 1800s. Her family herded reindeer.  They used a practice called kulning.

This (video above) is a sound I have heard about, but my father lacked a name for it when he told of grandmother's life in the arctic. 

I want to thank one of my favorite researchers, Fred Kanney, for drawing my attention to this calling technique's name. 

I will apply this to Bigfoot and say that ancient (archaic) man knew how to draw the herd to him rather than risk the chase in which he was likely too slow to win or too vulnerable. Bigfoot, instead of tromping his 8-foot body around the woods, could find a safe hunting ground and call the deer to wild boars to him.

We do that still today - 

I have already found a correlation with Bigfoot leaving trash from rest stops cans and parks cans dumped into piles in the woods to draw the kill to them rather than risk rushing around with heavy footfalls and possibly be seen. See the Urban Sasquatch Series (right hand side of the blog list of popular posts). This researcher has found great evidence of these trash piles which create a site for wild boars and the like to root around.

My guess is that the female Bigfoot are the callers, as they were in Sweden, and the men likely do the ambush. We might want to listen to some of Bigfoot's screams on recordings again and think of them in a new light.

Now to find their hunting grounds in the woods - ideal locations to corner, trap, and not be detected....
This is my conjecture, but I am going to pursue this path.

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