Believe: How To Have Paranormal Experiences

Upon occasion, someone who has never encountered the paranormal, suddenly does. 

It might be a walk through the woods, turning and seeing something walk by in the distance that does not look like a person in clothing, but a hairy tall person moving in a purposeful stride. 

Perhaps it's spending a night at an historic bed and breakfast only to awaken during the night to something tugging on your sheets and find them pulling away from your body as you lie there, helpless and horrified. 

It might be a time when you drive down a country late at twilight only to see some light in the sky that shouldn't be there, isn't a plane, is the wrong color, size, and movement....

First, let me explain that you have all encountered the paranormal many many times throughout your lives, but did not recognize it. It might have been a loved one who passed on, right beside you in the room and you suddenly cry, but don't know why. It might have been knowing who is on the other end of the phone when it rings. Perhaps you are camping in the woods and during the night someone passes through your clearing. Maybe you hear voices in another room when you're home alone and it happens a few times but you just tell yourself it's sounds going through your ventilation system.

It's important to note that we live among the paranormal everywhere, all the time, and pass by it, get near it, coexist with it and remain unattuned. That fact, alone, should tell us that it dances around the perceived world caught by our five rather lame senses.

Some people experience a wide range of paranormal phenomena and wonder why they are a weirdness magnet. They are not a weirdness magnet so much as they are a great receiver. They might be attuned to feelings of being watched, anticipate an event about to happen or look at the right spot at the right time.

In those moments you can suspend your mind long enough to have no thoughts, just be focused away from the task-oriented self, you have the chance to glimpse such things. 

Part of why ghost hunting in the dark is so effective is the lack of daytime noise, traffic, lights and other distractions. It is also why as we fall asleep, we manage to have more encounters with the unexplained.

If you want to be cognizant of paranormal experiences, you will have to do a few things to up your chances - 

PSI skills:  Learn how to go into alpha brain wave state. It is the drifting state of mind you have as you fall asleep at night. You feel blissful, not quite asleep, but floating and carefree. You are not only better able to perceive, but to receive encounters with the dead. There are some good alpha wave sounds patterns on YouTube you can listen to as you work on the practice.

Some recommend you go into theta brain waves for psychic awakening. Learning which works for you is a good option. It also helps to regularly test your PSI skills online. I use this site to compare myself with others and work the skills regularly.

Bigfoot: Walk the same path in the woods repeatedly over a long period of time, months of doing this a few times a week, trying to do it the same time of day so there is some predictability for the Tall Ones of the forest. Whistle, sing, or think about your day and such, but do not think about them. Most encounters occur when you are preoccupied or if you are a regular visitor and they have gotten comfortable enough to get close. 

You are almost surely not going to see them when you are there, but stop and take photos all around you. You will be pouring over these later to see what you caught. I recommend you pan the camera, turning away and shooting, and then come back around and shoot that starting spot again. This gives them time to peek out and look at you as you turn away or move their location. You can compare shots from the early sweep of the area with the later one and see what has changed. This is the way you will see Bigfoot. It is very rare to see one walking around. 

Ghosts:  A reportedly active building is a great way to encounter ghosts, but not the only way. Some have had success with ouija and seances, but only if you are open to these tools and not afraid of unexpected outcomes. Your head has to be in the right place to utilize these. We have been fed so many legends about a friend of a friend who used a ouija.... Others will be well off staying in a haunted B&B's most haunted room or a tour of an abandoned prison. The location helps, but encountering ghosts can be much like looking for Bigfoot... you realize you encountered one after the fact.

There are two ways you might actually see an apparition, both involve usually darkness or semi-darkness. The most common way is to enter a room. It is kind of like Bigfoot, you have an element of surprise. You can have a moment of entering a room and your eyes focus to see the room that you catch something in your vision you would not see if you had been sitting there an hour. It is a natural level of alertness that occurs when you don't know what you are approaching. 

Go to 26-minute mark 

We are more observent when the mind is cycling in discovery - as entering a room and scanning surroundings. We have minds that tend to think they know their surroundings when they are in them too long. If you sit in your living room all day, you might think you know your room, but if you stop and observe your shelves, you might realize that you didn't think about the knick knacks all day because you "knew they were there" (and thus ignored their presence).

To hear a ghost, one must have a recording device. I prefer digital ones, and set them down, don't hold them, as your hand can create sounds. As well, do not walk around holding the device - more sounds and air movement. Carry on a conversation. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you get audible voices which are called "disembodied voices." One of the best places I've seen since my childhood home was Birdcage Theater. Disembodied voices are interesting things, it sounds as if the voice begins with an exhalation, mid word with a burst of energy. It's very distinctive and once you've experienced it, you never forget. EVPs, voices captured on recording devices but not heard at the time, are the most likely way you will hear a spirit voice. I suggest if you sleep in a haunted bed and breakfast, that you leave the audio recording set for being activated by sound (VCVA - the common setting for that). 

I have found, in general, voices seem to be responsive to small talk than questioning. It's when you talk among yourselves about your day, your family, your lives, that you get a random reply.

Don't forget the common sense around ghosts - the prickly feeling, heavy feelings as if the air is thick, head hurting, feelings of being watched, and scalp tingles. Scalp tingles are very exciting because that means physical contact has occurred. 

UFOs:  Of course, it isn't like UFOs let us know where they are going to be and when, but there are hot spots: Sedona, Arizona, Pacific Coast Highway in California, RT 375 in Nevada, Phoenix, Arizona (although I would suggest Maricopa, AZ). 

Spooklights: You have a very high chance of seeing spooklights, as some famous ones show up pretty much nightly; Brown Mountain, North Carolina; Marfa, Texas; and Hornet Lights in Missouri, are just some of the infamous spooklights.

Will you encounter the paranormal in your lifetime? I think it's certain you already have and didn't realize what you were experiencing or perhaps even talked yourself out of it. Even the most "insensitive" person can perceive these things, but only when you can suspend the analytical long enough to get your brain waves into a more receptive pattern of openness; these are the things we experience in alpha state, in spiritual moments, connection with nature, feelings, and being present in the moment without evaluating it. 

When you can free your mind of direct focus ahead, it can provide you much more information about the universe. This is a good thing. If man couldn't do that, we wouldn't have invented the amazing technology we have, or the cures, inspiring art or written words.