Saturday, January 2, 2016

What Ghost Hunting Theories is About

Synesthesia: A mixing of the senses to where a person stores information associated from one sense with another, such as smelling sounds or seeing numbers as colors.

When we Americans talk about Canada, we might say "up there," and when we talk about Brazil, we might say "down there." We are thinking in reference to a globe.

When we talk about Virginia, we might say "Mid Atlantic," and if we talk about Arizona, we might say "Southwest." We are thinking in reference to a map.

When we say "this afternoon," we are thinking in reference to a clock.

So much of our references and ways of storing information are linear, not synesthetic. 

Yet, the greatest inventions and accomplishments were associated with approaching a subject without any predetermined assumptions or methods.

If you think about Wednesday, you probably picture a 7-day calendar and it's smack dab in the middle. For me (with spatial and time synesthesia), Wednesday is outside of my body in a position, about 4 feet away, in front of my left eye, about eye level. I also associate it with being underwater and seeing sunlight above and the color teal. For touch, it is walking on sponges of varying heights.

You were taught to see Wednesday as a tally mark in a line of days. 

I see it as an individual place in my data bank of feelings, memories, emotions and senses. Wednesday goes from being something to chalk off, to something precious and individual each time I encounter it.

When you break free of some of the references you use to explain the world (taught with rudimentary schooling), you see a universe that is interconnected. Not what the educational system showed you, but things like concepts, auras, emotions, space. 

You begin to make your own references and associations, not the ones you were told to see!

This is where discoveries are made. It's tangential. This is why I have Ghost Hunting Theories! 

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