Friday, January 15, 2016

Summer-Themed Movies, Monsters Washed Ashore, and Horror Sand Sculptures

It's that time of year when we have shed the cozy holidays, and are about sick of the cold, so we look forward to summer and all the thrills and antics.

Here's my list of favorite summer-feeling/summer-themed movies by genre. Hope these do the job!


Dead Calm  A couple taking a sailing trip save a survivor from a sinking ship, only to find he may be the cause of the sinking.

  A young couple expects to have 10 days alone on a little isolated island for a true getaway, only they find the island's tenant, a ghost.

Terror on the Beach  A family (Dennis Weaver, Susan Dey) go to camp on a beach, only to be tormented by some local hoodlums. 

Jaws  A New England town is tormented by a great white shark of enormous proportions.

I Know What You Did Last Summer  Two teen couples make a horrible mistake one night on the roadway and the next summer they are stalked by their victim.

Friday the 13th  A summer camp is undergoing a renovation when a killer from the past shows up.

The Lost Boys  Two boys move to a seaside town to find there are a lot of missing people and some very scary local guys who might just be vampires.

The Burbs  A man (Tom Hanks) thinks the new neighbors might be killers.

Rear Window  A photographer (Jimmy Stewart) is laid up with a broken leg and begins to spy on the tenants across the courtyard from his apartment to find a killer among them.

Cape Fear  A lawyer and his family is stalked by someone he put away in prison. 

Piranha  A resort is opening on the water in the hot summertime to lost of guests, only some experimental killer piranha have been let loose in the waterway.

Sleeping With the Enemy  A woman (Julia Roberts) fakes a drowning to start a new life away from an abusive husband.

A Perfect Getaway  Two couples vacationing in Hawaii discover there is a killer on the loose.


Captain Ron  A family decides to learn how to sail their family inheritance, a large sailboat, in the Caribbean. They end up with a quirky bumbling captain (Kurt Russell) and a crazy trek.

Meatballs  A camp counselor (Bill Murray) at a losing camp, causes mischief and turns things around.

National Lampoon's Vacation  A father (Chevy Chase) wants to take his family across country to an amusement park, only it doesn't go as planned, at all.

American Graffiti  Before going off to college, two high school buddies go cruising.

Summer Rental  A family man (John Candy) just wants a vacation with his family, but even that is more stressful than his job as an air traffic controller.

Little Darlings  Two competing girls (Tatum O'Neal and Kristi McNichol) at summer camp, bet each other they will their virginity first. 

Summer School  A lazy teacher (Mark Harmon) has to spend the summer with the worst students and tries to turn it around.

Weekend At Bernie's  Two ambitious young businessmen get invited to their boss's beach house for an awesome summer getaway and reward for finding a discrepancy in the company's books. What they don't know is the boss wants to kill them, only he's already dead. And the men decide to parade him around as if he's still alive in order to avoid the hired killer's wrath.

Joy Ride  Two brothers play a prank on a road trip and anger a psychopath killer truck driver who stalks them.

The Parent Trap  Two girls at camp discover they are twins separated as babies and decide to pretend to be each other and meet the parent they never knew.

The Great Outdoors  A family man (John Candy) wants to have a little vacation with his family in the woods, only it doesn't go right.

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World  This 1963 movie has an all-star cast in which a dying man gives a clue for a fortune and the drivers who stopped to help him race off to compete to find the treasure.

The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!  A quiet New England island goes insane when a Russian submarine is grounded and the Russians try to get find a way off the island. 

Light-hearted romance

Dirty Dancing  A teenaged girl (Jennifer Grey) goes to the Catskills with her parents, only to fall for a seasoned dance instructor with a complex set of adult circumstances.

Now and Then  Four girls who grew up together in the 1970s get together as adults when one of them is having a baby, and reminisce about their childhood to an awesome 70s soundtrack. 

Romancing the Stone  A nervous romance writer finds herself in a real life life or death situation in Columbia where she stumbles across her potential romantic interest, only he's not really like the heroes she writes about.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall   After a bad breakup with his amazing girlfriend, a man goes to Hawaii to try and "run" into her, but finds himself being distracted by a woman from the hotel.

Just Go With It  An egocentric plastic surgeon chases after his dream girl, but has to parade his assistant as his ex wife in order to win her. This leads them all to Hawaii.

My Father the Hero  A 14-year-old girl goes with her father hesitantly to an island getaway, but then meets a boy....

Beach Blanket Bingo  Frankie and Annette in one of their classic beach movies.

Couples Retreat   Couples who are best friends go to Tahiti to help one of couple heal their marriage and find they all need therapy.

Gidget  An awkward teen discovers the beach, surfing, and boys.

Teen Beach Movie  An adorable musical about a boyfriend and girlfriend who get accidentally taken back to the early 1960s and a beach musical movie.

Fool's Gold  A couple of ex's (Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey) end up together again to find a pirate's treasure.

The Wedding Crashers  A couple of guys (Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson) find a way to bag girls by crashing weddings and partying, only they fall in love with a couple of girls which was against the rules.

There's Something About Mary  An all-American girl (Cameron Diaz) ends up being stalked by lots of guys who just couldn't get over how awesome she is.

Shirley Valentine  A woman in an unhappy marriage goes on vacation to Greece, and decides to stay.

The Other Woman  A woman finds out her guy is married and when the married woman finds out about her, they become unlikely friends bent on finding the newest woman he's sleeping around with. 


Adore  A couple of best friends who grew up on the Australian beaches together, become middle-aged mothers who lust after each other's son.

Violets Are Blue  Young lovers (Kevin Kline, Sissy Spacek) reunite in their Chesapeake hometown, but it's not that easy.

Point Break  An FBI agent (Keanu Reeves) infiltrates a surfing robber gang.

And Soon the Darkness  Two friends decide to bike across the countryside in France, only there is a killer lose.

Castaway  A man (Tom Hanks) crashes in a plane, and survives alone on an island for years. He manages to get home, but everything has changed.

Maidentrip  Documentary of a 14-year-old girl who sailed around the world by herself - documented by her own camera. It took her two years.

Sirens  An uptight vicar and his wife (Hugh Grant) are sent by the church to Australia to deal with an eccentric artist with an artist's compound who is doing lewd art.

The Legend of Billie Jean   A teen and her brother and their friends hit the road after an accidental shooting and all they ask for is justice, inciting other teens to support their cause. 

Blue Crush  A girl has an ambition to win a surfing competition and her biggest obstacle is between her ears.

The Blue Lagoon  A ship crashes and two cousins are left to grow up together alone, learning about the hormones of youth.

Stand By Me  A group of friends decide to find a dead body that was hit by a train and begin a camping hiking trip that will change them forever.


Summer Lovers  Two young lovers go for a summer in Greece but feel restless and so they add another female to the mix.

Private Lessons 2  A photographer with a bad marriage fantasizes about the chauffeur and then they are stuck on an island together.

Against All Odds  A man is hired to find a mob guy's hiding girlfriend in Mexico. And things get hot.

Malibu Beach  A classic 1980s purely T and A parade with lots of excuses for naked bodies.

Wild Things  A high school girl cries rape by a teacher and begins the naughty 3-way lie for cash that the teacher and two girl students act out, but no one can trust anyone.

unexplained things that washed ashore....

Horror Sand Sculptures

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