Monday, January 25, 2016

Review: X-Files

Monday nights starting tonight - 8 pm Fox Channel, new episodes of the beloved series, "X-Files."

I readily admit, I wasn't sure what to expect when they brought back X-Files for a 6-episode season, but I am so very glad I sat down and watched the opening last night!

I am so hooked. The plot is so feasible it's almost chilling and the pacing great. The acting was sometimes a bit stilted and almost over-rehearsed between Scully and Mulder. It felt strange, as if their voices could emote, but they could not in their bodies or faces (talking heads syndrome). The plot, however, is just wicked awesome.

I do not want to give away anything, except to say that they did some great research, spent some times with true conspiracy consultants and took this in a path that has me hooked big time.

It also brought back a few characters from the original series including my monster crush, Skinner. Oh, I must say Mitch Pileggi has always curled my toes.

I cannot wait for tonight! Do not miss this. If you loved the series, I promise this will satisfy the missing spot in your soul when it went off the air!

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