Thursday, January 7, 2016

If You Liked This 1970s Horror Movie, You'll Like These....

The 1970s were an awesome time for horror. There were some classics put out and, as usual, when there is a trend in popular movies, they crank out more. I am listing some classics that pushed a genre for decades to come and movies that have similar themes you might want to give a look-see.

For those of us who cut our teeth on horror in the 70s, we have never been weaned. But, we also expect plenty of creepy music, suspense and an actual storyline. 

Sometimes, I like to just put on a series of movies that have to do with one theme, like I might put on the killer next door series of movies I own. Now, you can find your genre and more movies to fill that entertainment library. 

I have bolded the classic movie you might have seen in the 1970s and then beneath it, I have my suggestions in order of how much I think you'd find them an equal match, as well as making them links to read about the description in more detail.

Cujo  (animal attacks)
1. Prophecy  1979
2. Day of the Animals 1977
3. Gargoyles  1972
4. The Edge  1997
5. Empire of the Ants  1977
6. Kingdom of the Spiders  1977
7. Frogs 1972

The Exorcist (possession/demons)
The Omen  1976 
The Amityville Horror  1979
Something Evil  1972
The Conjuring  2013
Night of the Demon  1957 
The Exorcism of Emily Rose  2005
The Evil Dead  1981
The Manitou  1978

The Shining  (haunted house)
The Haunting 1963
The Changeling  1980
Legend of Hell House  1973
The Entity 1982
Burnt Offerings  1976
The Sentinel  1977
The Stone Tape  1972
The Watcher in the Woods  1980
Paranormal Activity  2007
Rose Red  2002

Duel (stalking) 
Cape Fear  1962
The Hitcher  1986
Joy Ride  2001
When a Stranger Calls 1979
Someone's Watching Me  1978
Are You in the House Alone  1978
Night Drive 1977
A Stranger is Watching 1982
And Soon the Darkness  1970 
Schizo  1976

Let's Scare Jessica to Death (psychological thriller)
Midnight Lace  1960
Psycho  1960
Shutter Island  2016
When Michael Calls (aka "Shattered Silence") 1972
Dial M For Murder  1954
Scream Pretty Peggy 1973
A Taste of Evil  1971
How Awful About Allan  1970
The Screaming Woman  1972 

The Wicker Man (witches/black magic)
The Craft  1996
The Dunwich Horror 1970
Practical Magic  1998
Race with the Devil 1975
The Covenant  2006
The Dark Secret of Harvest Home  1978
The Blood on Satan's Claw  1971
Crowhaven Farm  1970
The House That Would Not Die  1970

Jaws  (water horror)
Piranha   1978
Dead Calm  1989
Creature From the Black Lagoon  1954
Ghost Ship  2002
Orca   1977
Lake Placid  1999
It Came From Beneath the Sea  1955
Anaconda  1997 
Alligator  1980
Satan's Triangle  1975
Dagon  2001
Uninhabited  2010

Alien (something inhabiting a body/object)
Invasion of the Body Snatchers  1978
Dead Silence  2007
The Car 1977
The Incubus  1982 
Prince of Darkness  1987
The Stepford Wives  1975
Maximum Overdrive  1986
The Beast Within  1982

Carrie (kids with weird powers/agendas)
Firestarter  1984
Audrey Rose   1977
Village of the Damned  1960
Turn of the Screw  2009
The Innocents  1961
Orphan  2009
Children of the Corn  1984
Powder   1995
The Children  2008
The People  1972

Salem's Lot (traditional monsters)
An American Werewolf in London   1981
The Lost Boys  1987
The Howling  1981
The Wolfman  2010
Bram Stoker's Dracula  1993
The Mummy  1999
Godzilla   2014
King Kong   1976
Fright Night  1985

Ginger Snaps   2000
Twilight  2008

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (slasher)
Last House on the Left   1972
The Hills Have Eyes  1977

Bad Ronald (killer next door)
Body Double   1984
Rear Window  1954
Disturbia   2007
Crawlspace   1986
The People Under the Stairs   1981
Pacific Heights   1990
Lakeview Terrace  2008
Funny Games  1997

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