Sunday, January 10, 2016

Heaven's Perspective

The next dimension/Heaven -
It's hard thing for us to grasp conceptually.
We have five senses.

Let me see if I can shed some light on how mind blowing the next dimension would be.

2D: Photograph.
3D: You.

Even though we have 3 dimensions to our personal forms, we still visualize in 2-dimensions. Sure, we can add depth when we view things, but can you see the back and front of a person at the same time?

We are used to vision as interpreted by the brain. But, when you do not have senses, do not have a biological brain, how to you see the universe? You don't see it, so much as you know it. This comes into play when you hear stories of blind people having afterlife experiences and having vision. Vision was never dependent on your eyes, except to keep you from harm here in this physicality. 

Imagine your comprehension of the world if nothing was behind anything else? That building didn't stop you from knowing all the things behind it, that lack of light didn't stop you from seeing the field and all its contents from all perspectives at once. You literally had full access to all knowledge at once.

It takes you from "Seeing" to "Knowing." 

Welcome to Heaven!

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