Alien Greys of Terrestrial Origins?

I have come to believe alien greys were actually terrestrial people before our time, who evolved into a highly intelligent people and had to share this realm with us for a period of time when they were prepared to go to the next level of knowledge that takes us out of this limited world we still inhabit. 

They were not strong, perhaps, but so intelligent they might have found a way to bypass this realm to enter a completely different parallel world in which they still sift to and from and visit us upon occasion to see what us brutes are up to. 

Relics of such beings were found in Africa and referred to as Boskop Man

They were believed to have an average IQ of 150. When we Homo sapiens get people in the 170s IQ, we manage to get some good inventions, concepts, and changes in our world, but imagine if all our people had that kind of head room? 

Why did they not survive here? 

Well, competing with another rising human form that was powerful physically might have been more than they wished to endure and so they pushed themselves to find a way to use their natural understanding of the world in ways us primitives couldn't conceive. Imagine the comparison of a man lighting a cigarette in front of cave men? What kind of magic and alchemy is this??? 

In fact, today we might be nearing a place where we will figure out how to pass through that realm into their world. This would not be advantageous to their agenda of staying alive and perhaps seeking peace, so they may need to work with our people in terms of "abduction" and "contacts." 

This could all be an agenda to either promote our focus (creativity versus technology) or our intelligence and fertility. What if you wanted to keep a race of humans from focusing on technology that might move them to your realm or even harm your realm? How about you introduce genetic issues with breeding or breeding intelligence? Simply keep them primitives of a sort? 

We may look at this concept in this way: The Earth was a kind of gladiator coliseum.  Types of man developed here, competed for who would be the ultimate winner for this planet and here we are today. 

But where are they now?


  1. Naughty naughty! That image is misleading: you're showing an old photo of an hydrocephelic skull whilst discussing a proposed species of human that were hypothesised from fragments of a cranium. Boskop man didn't go anywhere: he is still here and was totally human. The increased accuracy of modern size extrapolation for skull fragments show it could well have been within modern range.... Or just an odd little fella.

  2. We actually this demonstrates the range of humans on the earth - including the "Hobbit" of Indonesia and the little race dug up in Tennessee and the Paracas of Peru. The question becomes - did something cataclysmic hide evidence of the priors upon the earth? Well, religion and indigenous legends repeatedly tell of fire in the sky and floods. We know our earth has handled many assaults from with-out and with-in. What might a civilization do that had a million years of intelligence ahead of us??

    1. Granted indeed! It's just that the picture you show is unlikely to realistic because it's caused by abnormal swelling of the skull by pressure from inside the cranium. That and it is an isolated find and all evidence of development can be linked quite clearly to known hominid species. This would suggest that in this particular instance, the first researchers got ahead of themselves and were dealing with a one off aberration. This does happen a lot in this field because the remains are so scarce. You are as always, a fascinating read!

    2. There are finds, like Denosivans - a couple molars and a finger bone fragment - but we found a whole separate category of man from that. This find was in the 2000s. We still have so much we are coming upon and accepting like Homo floresiensis. The photo in here is to show that skulls come in many shapes but there are primary landmarks that make them discernible. You can see a skull and understand the era of that human. I'm glad you enjoyed this post.


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