Friday, January 1, 2016

2016: Making It Your Year!

When you were a kid, someone gave you a ball. You went outside with it. You found out it bounced, you tossed it against the wall. You tossed it in the air, practiced catching it. You sat on it. You laid belly down on it and rolled around... You were inspired to give it your own meaning and purpose.

One day someone taught you to kick the ball in a game of kick ball and you learned about rules and things like winners and losers.

Then, they gave you a baseball and they expected you to hit it and catch it, get a guy out, win a game, win a pennant, etc.

You never looked at the ball the same way again, as a wonderful tool that you make it, instead of a tool to an end.

So, let's make the tasks in our lives like that ball. No judgment, no chore, no job. Simply inspiration and creation.

You were given this life, see how it inspires you.

I'm wishing all my readers an amazing 2016, bringing new perspectives and experiences. You can expect the blog to be cutting its way through some amazing topics and information and even guest writers/researchers to give you optimal wonder.

Subjects coming up - Chakras and their ties to our soul and to other dimensional worlds, aliens and their agenda involving substances such as zinc and quartz.
Expect me to expand more on our cognitive aspects and how they can guide us to do exceptional things - mind over matter. And how PSI skills work.

We might be going more into the unseen universes.

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  1. Yes, my goal is world domination. I am working on becoming the Emperor of the World.