Using Healing Skills

People ask me about healing sometimes and I have to say this - you are a conduit as a healer. You let in loving energy that runs through you, out you, and through the person you focus on. You do not take on their disease, you are only an exit vehicle for the loving energy entering you and focusing on another. 

You also are not attacking, bombarding, fighting, or killing something in someone. 

You are setting up their emotional and mental milieu to keep disease process from progressing and to help it reverse. 

You are washing them with loving energy that is like a soothing liquid, allowing them to reset to healthy balance again so self-healing systems are active. 

A good healer begins from the origins and works their way back to the final disease. They begin with the person's emotional/mental state, past hurts, stress, hormones/endocrine, and backwards towards the heart/head/gallbladder or whatever else is the issue the person seeks help for. 

If they do try to approach the disease organ first, they have all the feeder cascading effects that caused it or resulted from it in the bundle and that is a huge burden to take all those at once. 

It's more effective to start at the distal and work inward to the heart of it. 

Healing is about all the factors that go into disease, the entire human organism from the soul to cells to immunity and hormones, electrical and inflammation, into organs. To treat one and not the others is a disservice.

If someone has heart disease and high blood pressure, borderline blood sugar, and obesity, I might go in this order:

1. Emotional/mental balance. I will work to help the person release pain, hurt, resentment, mental loops, tension and stress. I like to visualize them breathing in life, light, healing and love and breathing out all the bits of black material that represent pain, hurt, anger, fear, and regret. Imagine them relaxing as they let out the bad particulates and breath in the golden light of love until they are lit within.

This is not just important for them to be able to fight the disease, but to be in balance once disease processes have regressed. It also means hormonal balance. If a person is in the right place mentally, loving toward himself, and letting go of hurt, he can make better choices that will result in the next system I approach - 

2.  Hormones/endocrine. An efficient ability to burn calories and to release proper hormones is critical. An imbalance creates issues in #1 that I just treated and it also contributes over time to weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure and more. 

Every healer has a different way to visualize and visualization is critical to a good healer. I see weights and balances within a person's mind, neck, underarms, thorax, abdomen and groin. I visualize them shifting until the tree of weights is balanced.

3.  Blood sugar/pancreas. With simple carbs and calorie-dense processed foods these days, blood sugar can be driven out of whack and the pancreas is the one stressed by all this. 

I visualize the pancreas in the left upper abdomen and I see it as a smooth healthy organ. I see blood sugar within the body as speeding bits of golden light. I slow them down, imagine even distribution of energy and balance throughout the body.

4.  Vascular pressure. Like an overworked garden hose with too much pressure, I imagine the relaxing of the hose to allow normal pressure to run through the vascular system.

5.  Heart vessels. It helps to have a good concept of images of blocked vessels and healthy vessels to be able to envision unobstructed flow. 

6.  Ending. Once again, go back and reinforce the #1 to help reset a balance in the body as a whole to keep from having the cascading events that led to #2, 3, 4 and ultimately 5 and to allow the person to be of a state of mind and spirit to make good choices.

Understanding of anatomy and systems is part of the healer's education, the other part is how the systems work together to create disease or health. How you imagine the process, is individual as any vision is. The light of a higher power, a healing energy, runs through you, and is directed to the person. You are utilizing that healing light of the Divine like an artist would use clay to form and shape it within the recipient.

When you are done offering healing to a person, be sure to close the conduit between you. I visually see a snap in a light-based umbilical cord. Then, I allow the healing light I have been channeling to wash through me, breathe several times bringing in love and nature's beauty and letting out all the bad. I give thanks to the Divine for allowing me to pass on the light. 

My Self-Healing Exercise

Being a healer isn't as magical as people believe. There is only the capability of the mind. If you imagine picking a lemon, feeling the bumpy surface, and smelling the tart scent and then biting it, juice squirting, your salivary glands go bonkers. You did not eat a lemon. You only imagined eating a lemon. The power of the mind is amazing. If we imagine a spider can hurt us, adrenalin flows, heart pounds, and a chemicals are released into the system. The same goes for healing thoughts - releasing the right chemicals, but the mind must have an instigator, a catalyst (like seeing the spider or imagining the lemon).

I am going to share some healing tips that I utilize when I do self healing.

Sit comfortably or lie comfortably. 

Close your eyes. 

Envision yourself awash in a healing light (the color or tone/quality of that is personal preference).

I want you to breathe in through your nose and when you breathe in, envision all the love your family and friends have for you, the sunshine, the hugs, the happy days off, all the good things that make you feel safe and precious. See that warmth entering your body like a golden light, spreading throughout every cell with love - safety - happiness - joy. Let your muscles relax with relief.

When you breathe out, I want you to envision bits of black within the body that are hurt, resentment, anger, pain, and see the black plaque breaking into flakes, heading out your mouth as you breathe out through your mouth. 

Breathe in golden light of love and warmth and happiness, soothing your body in every cell, every nook and corner, spreading like melting butter within.

Breathe out all the pain, disease, negativity, hurt, regret, resentment and depression - little black flakes floating out your mouth as you exhale.

Do this over and over, focusing on love, focusing on dissipating the bad darkness until you envision every bit of your body filled with light, all the black particles gone.

Do this daily and if you are in a bad way, do it a few times a day until you feel you have depleted the darkness and replaced it with warmth.  

This is a good exercise to do for maintenance as well. I like to do it for a couple minutes each day when I take my daily bath or lay down to go to sleep.