Krampus - Coming To Theaters!

"Krampus" comes to theaters today and I am soooo stoked! Some of you might know the legend of Krampus in German folklore. This horned anthropomorphic figure punishes those who are bad at Christmastime. 

This movie, directed by my new favorite horror director, Michael Dougherty, promises to give thrills, laughs, and chills. Some of you might recall him from the movie "Trick R' Treat." He has a way of knowing just what scares us most and how to put us into the plot in an atmospheric setting with legends coming to life in a way that I have not seen many directors capture.

Be sure to see it and be sure to let me know what you think!

BTW, my favorite Halloween artist of all time, Pumpkinrot, designed the snowmen for the movie (link). Somebody pinch me - I've been the biggest fan of Pumpkinrot FOREVER and now my favorite horror moviemaker is utilizing his talents! CHILLS of delight!