Ice Luges, Ice Bars, Ice Hotels, and Ice Sculptures!

Tis the season for ice hotels, ice bars, and ice luges.

Lots of northern countries have them now and they are the rage - ice hotels. Sleeping in snow! 

Now, that is inspiring. For some, finding a local ice bar is a treat.

The Minus5 Ice Experience can be found in hotels all around the world including Vegas and NYC. You are given mittens and coats. Even the glasses are made of ice! 

No holiday party is festive until you get a colored pot light and put it near an ice luge (purple and blue are great choices for color). Send the liquor down the ice luge for the folks to enjoy filling their cups. They even have simple trays you can buy for home use and molds too! 

Now this is a way to make a martini!

Sculpting with ice is a fine skill!

I admit, if I had unlimited funds for a party at Christmastime, it would involve ice luge, ice sculptures and a snow machine!

In the mean time, you can make your own sculptures easily with molds - 

Link here to buy this one 

Or, you can fire up the firepit and pack your keg in some snow -