Be Wary of Facebook Scam!

There is a new scam on Facebook and the system makes it hard to report this to anyone in particulate because once you block someone, you can't report them.

Someone tries to friend you who either looks like your neighbor's innocent and pretty teenaged daughter or a military man who looks All American. 

You probably have no friends in common, but you could have some in common because they found you commenting on a friend's wall.

After they friend you, they message you a hello.

Seems innocent enough.

Then, they ask questions. "How old are you?" "Where do you live?" "Are you married?" Things that are easily seen in your profile if they read it.

Your warning signs might be going off.

If you say "I don't message on Facebook" or "I'm married or in a relationship," they keep pushing the "I want a friend" line.

This is a routine that plays out over and over again sometimes several times a day. It is a big push from foreign men finding ways to get into your friends list because doesn't everyone think innocent girls and military men are a no-brainer for a friends list?

Report and block if they start this process with you. Report it as a bogus account and let Facebook sort it out. Just be very careful friending anyone, no matter how much you want to network or how cute the pictures of their kids are on the wall. These accounts are made to be without question someone you would feel safe friending. 

As well, one of these bogus guys couldn't even speak English and spoke in a stilted, awkward and formal manner that made no sense. They give themselves away with their poor grasp of the language.

I hope everyone is safe this holiday season. I just had to block two bogus "military" men who used almost the same script in their messaging. Yeah, tis the season for the enemy to be trying to pry into American FB's.