Sunday, November 29, 2015

Where Our Souls Go

The hardest part of human existence is both understanding our mortality and understanding our attachments to others and to our process of having a life. Spirituality is a natural result of that consciousness, as we need to make sense of something so utterly unfair as death.

Where does the soul go? 

Some call it Heaven, others say there is no soul. It is all determined by spiritual and religious beliefs, but what is the actual location of the soul?

I am reminded of something my father told me about my Grandfather Thorvaldsen (who died before I was born). He said that Grandfather was a very well educated society member in Norway, spoke several languages, and contemplated life. He believed in reincarnation and that we actually choose the life we want to enter, in order to be sure that we face a trial that we have yet to master by the soul.

When things have not gone well in my life, I recall that concept. What if our souls refine themselves by choosing challenges that round our experiences? So, if I chose this life, I needed to master the issues I've had here, mainly being alone, losing loved ones, letting others determine my priorities, being estranged from my hometown. If I chose this life, then I must learn to handle these obstacles. It is part of a test of my soul. 

In fact, some regression therapists report that they are able to bring patients through regression hypnosis to the point of pre-birth and the choosing of the life they need to lead. 

The skeptical and logical side of me has to ask; does anyone have to experience an awesome life of abundance, health, love and total joy? Is that a necessary test? Because I want to sign up for that! 

Near-death experiences have shed some light on the process of the soul leaving the physical vessel, but what does it tell us of location? 

Experiencers describe the sight of looking down on their body. For a period of time, it would appear that we either literally remain in the location of the body death in this physical realm with access to viewing this world and the - whoosh - we are sent on to a location that varies from dark earth like being buried to fiery pits, bright light, a tunnel, or a gorgeous nature setting. 

If we are without the physical form, we can assume that our perspective of what we "see" is not visual but knowledge by another sense. It could be that projections from our own desires and memories could color the world we see. If "Heaven" is anything like my desires on earth, it would look like this - 

The light can be described as coming from the almighty to being a location in space. The sense the viewer gets from the light is that it is love and acceptance, a homecoming like no other; familiar and yet transcends any feelings we had on the earthly plane. 

There are also accounts of dead relatives, Jesus, strangers of light and goodness that guide us, help us to find answers as we adapt. Remember, we are shifting from what we knew (taught on Earth) to what we will come to know there. Our only references are religious teachings and the like. 

This reminds me of the process of being born into the physical realm - bright light, love, people to greet you, arms to hold you, and a feeling of no longer being alone. 

Once one has gone to the light, been greeted by loved ones, they often report a life review in which you are shown how you handled the physical life and their choices, priorities, and actions. 

Further reports say that we end up in a big terminal with other souls, awaiting our choice of what life to be born into. Interestingly, if we considered this reincarnation concept as a possibility, then it would seem that history repeating itself may have a good deal to do with the same souls re-existing in the physical world. 

The skeptical and logical part of me has to ask why recycle? We have enough souls to fill the billions of bodies on the earth compared with the millions we once had - what were those billions of souls doing, waiting for population to increase? Ultimately, some theorists say, we choose to go through physical form again and that also means giving up all memories of the prior existence so that each time it is a novel experience. Perhaps this is the origin of the term "wise old soul." 

Where is this location the soul goes to? It may not be as simple as pointing to the sky and saying "there." It might be like a movie projected onto a screen - it is not playing out in three dimensions like we do, but is in any place you choose to aim the projector. 

Does one soul have to be in one place or can it simultaneously visit relatives around the world at the same time? Some family members have reported seeing a dead relative at the same time in distant locations upon the person's death. If a soul has no form we associate with the physical "earth skin" they once wore, than they can project their image, either into the person's mind or in their physical space.

We cannot point a location and say "that is where the spirit lies," but we might pay heed to the Native Cultures who observe spirit in all things - trees, sky, air, fire, water, animals, birds.... They may be onto something - the universal "knit" that is the spirit realm and that connects all as one.

Truly, if we consider the loss of physicality, location would be as irrelevant as time - there is no attrition, no mortal clock ticking, no holding vessel for the soul. This is very much other-dimensional when you consider it. 

As we take up space with 2-dimensional images in paintings, photographs, television and the like, I suspect that we share our space with "Heaven" which presents itself as sometimes interacting with our realm. This is the same way my finger can interact with a photograph. A momentary interruption. For them, their presence sweeps by and in our 3D concept, we get a wispy faint sense of them. 

Where is it our souls go? Anywhere and everywhere, for infinity. 
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