What Is This OOPART Relic???

OOPART: Out-of-place-artifact.

Found high up on a mountain in Montana by two men bear hunting, this little rock carving was found partially buried in the ground. It is quite intriguing for many reasons, the main one being, it is not a style utilized by Northwestern Tribes.

It appeared to be broken off of some larger entity that it was a part of and the stone was of a kind quarried about 10 miles away. 

The dotted eyes and pursed lips and angle of the nose arch to brow reminded me of moundbuilder artifacts from Grave Creek, WV.

It also reminds me of the Etowah Mounds artifacts from Georgia.

When we find such styles around the US and they are ancient, as well as finding similar styles mimicked in Mayan and Aztec work, we have to believe there was a prior culture. We have already found remains in the Carolinas dating man back 50K in the Americas.

It seems like some kind of viper head atop of it, wrapping around it?

Full lips

It gets stranger when you turn it over and on the rough side, you find some kind of writing. 

Bat Creek Mound 

Los Luna Decalogue 

Grave Creek Mound writing

It's understandable how our education system has created connections in our brains. We see such art or writing and thinking "Nordic ruins" and "Aztecs," but we are missing something else - an originating culture that gave us all our language and architecture, art styles and even god concepts. 

It might not have been that our ancient cultures traveled all about, leaving their traces, but that our cultures that settled into their regions, found another culture already there, one that they emulated. This would give us a universal quality to ancient early art and writing, architecture and technology. 

Olmec (pre-Aztec / pre-Mayan culture)
full lips


full lips

Ancient Polynesian

Easter Island

What is this artifact? Did it come from a bigger work still buried in the ground? Why was it so high up atop a mountain rarely visited? So many questions. So few answers. 

The mystery continues....


  1. I love the way any possibility is entertained except it being hoaxers.

  2. I love the way people are quick to blame hoaxers anytime something doesn't fit into currant historical beliefs.

    1. And what are the currEnt historical theories about small, dried fruit?


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