Types of Cursed Locations

Can a location be cursed? 

Technically, a curse is a spell put upon a person (or place) to make bad things happen. If a location has a repeatedly dark history, one might make a case that it had been cursed. Cursed by the fates.

Case 1:  "Doll Island" Mexico 
(cursed to repeat a tragedy)

This location where a man moved his family to find some peace, found instead a tragic event. A girl drowned in the canal near his island and he was consumed thereafter with the belief her ghost was still there. To appease the little girl, he left out dolls. Then, added more. And, over decades, others added to the collection until there were hundreds and hundreds of them. In the ironic curse of this whole scenario, the man eventually drowned in the canal.

Here's the other question to ask--

Can cumulative bad energy affect the emotions/decisions of people who go there next?

Case 2: "Suicide Forest" Japan 
(cursed by cumulative bad energy)

If enough people commit suicide in a place, can it actually attract a certain kind of energy and once within the haunted forests, can a person act on an overwhelming sense of suicide that permeates the air and land, trees an soil? Is it possible that a person who was hiking the forest might even feel intense hopelessness and not know why? Might a person who is dancing on the edge, simply act on it by the hand of heavy depression seeped into the entire woodland?  Why do we feel overcome with heavy feelings on battlefields, memorials, and the like? Is it because we know what happened there, or is it because of the cumulative grief of everyone who attended there before us?

Upon occasion, a location is cursed by those who protected it in the afterlife- 

Case 3:  King Tut's Tomb 
(cursed for those who disturb)

The "Curse of the Pharaohs," as it has become known as, is the concept that anyone who disturbs a pharaoh's tomb is cursed with death.  Admittedly, bad luck, illness and death have followed many people who uncovered tombs, but then people uncovering tombs in the 1920s and 30s, live in a time with no antibiotics and foreign travel. It goes without saying they might also be risk takers. Their chances of bad luck and ill health were pretty high.  In regards to King Tut, The first of the "mysterious" deaths was that of Lord Carnarvon. He had been bitten by a mosquito, and later slashed the bite accidentally while shaving. It became infected and blood poisoning resulted. Two weeks before Carnarvon died. 

Sometimes, a land becomes cursed - fallow, lifeless, without hope 

Case 4:  Easter Island
 (cursed land)

When you look at the Moai statues on this island in the middle of the Pacific, you have to wonder what happened to the Rapa Nui. What happened to the trees? The culture? At one point, the island had to be thriving with a population that could build and erect such amazing idols.  It's believed they simple deforested and stripped their land of resources, eventually dying off. But, the land remains a rather barren place so far away from any land body that it's isolated beyond belief.  It would appear that the only thing that witnessed the Rapa Nui's demise were their own creations - the Moai.  Talk about a curse!

Not so much a surprise, a practitioner of magic arts might leave behind an alchemy that protects her resting place -

Grave of Marie Laveua, New Orleans 
(curse by magic)

Marie Laveau was a practitioner of  voodoo and when interred at St. Louis Cemetery in New Orleans, legends began; people saying they saw her walking around after her death, and others saying she was buried in the Glapion family crypt. Believers are said to draw 3 x's on the side of the crypt, hoping she will grant them wishes.  Many leave her gifts like food, money and flowers and people are said to need to this ritual; "Draw the X, place your hand over it, rub your foot three times against the bottom, throw some silver coins into the cup, and make your wish."  Not a terrible curse, hmm?  More like a blessing.  The curse comes in the form of many people reporting she either is a zombie, still alive, or taken the form of a graveyard crow. 

* * *

Some legends, like the fictionalized Amityville Horror play off the concept that because a place saw a bad event, it haunts the future homeowners and tries to recreate it.  Hence, we have the "cursed to repeat an tragedy" scenario like Doll Island.  Other locations, like Roanoke Island where the settles went missing, gives us an Easter Island "land is cursed" theme.  

Can locations be cursed? Best I can tell, coincidences can happen, but mostly locations that have seen a longer history, more crowded population over generations, are bound to have a series of bad things happen in that location. On the other hand, if a haunting can be stuck in a location, then perhaps whatever locked that haunting to that place can also leave bad feelings.

I talk a lot about my gift for psychometry (touching objects and reading them psychically), but I do believe souls do not haunt objects, but a person's negative or bad outcomes can imprint on objects and that can cause people to not feel good around them or touching them, and sometimes even cause disruptions in a location. So, it would have to go with places like Suicide Forest where people have felt the most overwhelming anguish that can exist - and we can feel it when we go there, we might even feel anguish ourselves. So, it is a self-perpetuating thing.