Friday, November 13, 2015

"The Boy" on Chiller Channel Tonight!

Tonight, Chiller Channel is showing an original movie that is quite delightfully demented and disturbing. 

A 9-year-old isolated boy takes to sociopathic ways and a fascination with dead animals. 

The location of this film was remarkable, utter perfection. The cast is excellent. The story line is chilling and filmed in a way that makes it totally plausible. 

There are elements of a young Norman Bates, an uneasy feeling of "Wrong Turn" or "Texas Chainsaw Massacre." I found myself utterly drawn to this boy and his world. 

All of us recall the endless days in summer where we could get lost just playing with what's available and entertaining ourselves, dreaming of being a grown up and escaping to another place, something more exciting and glamorous, but imagine if every day of your childhood was like that? Eventually you would get sick of waiting for something to happen and start making something happen....

David Morse (Disturbia, Langoliers) and Rainn Wilson (The Office) do outstanding jobs with their parts which are slightly off, slightly creepy. The boy, played by Jared Breeze (Cooties - safety helmet boy) is played so well with a perfect mix of innocence broken and twisted, that you will be certain you knew this kid on a playground in grade school and all those uneasy feelings will surface again.

I do highly recommend this movie. It will haunt you long after seeing it. It's one of those movies that is so real, so identifiable, that you wonder if it was a dream you had or perhaps a repressed memory.

It's not graphic, but it is disturbing. It reminds me of the creepy backroad trips Julie and I take here in the southwest and the hole-in-the-wall motels that saw better days and the peculiar folks who still mind them.

I am going to watch the director, Craig William MacNeill, closely. I think this man might redefine horror for the 2000s. 

All I can say is double thumbs up. This was original, fantastic ending, and the plot so feasible as to be truly chilling. 

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