Review "Bigfoot Captured" History Channel

I was interested to watch "Bigfoot Captured" on History Channel. Had it been any other channel, I would have spent my evening on Netflix, but I am a HUGE fan of History Channel shows.

I was utterly dumbfounded when I realized the show was almost all about dramatization in the sensational way Animal Planet does its cheesy shows about mermaids being real and the like. I never thought History Channel would stoop to (gulp) lowest common denominator. They are the intelligent channel.

Well, all I can say is I wasn't real impressed with the go-to researcher Meldrum being utilized and the content being filled with "capturing a beast" theme or Meldrum's ape musings. 

I am not going to take a chance on a 2-hour special on History Channel again unless they tell me up front they are not using dramatizations. 

Enough said. I still love many of their other shows, although disappointed not to see "Search For the Lost Giants" brought back (for shame!)


  1. I seen the trailer and knew not to watch ....another low blow to the Bigfoot community.

    1. I just had to be curious. History Channel does such quality stuff. Whoever produced this, they need to find a new career.

  2. Horrible. Acting from the start. Nothing real about it. Shame on you History Channel.

  3. 1 year later, and we all know the only real facts of life, is the Snowden documents. History channel is for the sheeps.


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