Saturday, November 7, 2015

Real-Life Female Role Model Movies

When I was a child of the 70s, I didn't have many role models presented to me, other than Cher and Mary Tyler Moore. I wish some of these movies I'm listing below were around. They aren't just amazing movies for women (and men) and daughters to see, but they say much about single-minded focus, determination, resilience, and intelligence. 

Here is a list of my favorite movies that I pop on when I need inspiration and role models to guide me to the next level. I hope they help you and the females in you life. 

Maidentrip: (On Netflix streaming now) Documentary of a 14-year-old girl going solo sailing around the world for 2 years by herself. I love this documentary so much. There is something about this girl that tugs at my heart. I had much passion about doing amazing things as a kid, but did not have adults supporting the dreams, they pretty much told me why it couldn't be done. It reminds me that now that I am in charge of my life, no dream is too impossible.

Wild: A woman who has experienced loss and the spiral downward from it, decides to hike from the Mexico border to the Canada border by herself to reclaim the woman her late mother believed she could be. This movie was beautifully done and if you are an artist or writer at heart, it will sing to you. 

Under the Tuscan Sun: Based on the true story written in a great book of the same name (link here) of a writer who got a divorce, took a trip to Italy and impulsively bought a home there in a strange place. I loved this one because it showed that you can up and turn a bad situation into an adventure.

Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken: A Disney film about a real-life woman who used to jump horses off the pier in Atlantic City. She goes blind, but continues the show. This young woman was strong and determined and adapted to her new "limitations" by showing she had no limitations. 

Erin Brockovich: A single unemployed mom becomes a legal assistant and brings down a California power company polluting a water supply. I know some folks like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" but that movie essentially said that a woman waits for her prince to release her from hell. In this movie, her character is a much better role model of a woman who is finally given a chance to use her smarts and her ethics to do what others thought was impossible.

Gorillas in the Mist: About researcher Dian Fossey studying gorillas and protecting them in Africa. This is a great movie for an example of compassion and intelligence and a woman's natural born desire to protect like a mama bear. 

There are plenty of movies out there that can inspire the determined female inside, but I like to stick with the real life tales (even though "Legally Blond" and the like are adorable). I want to see real situations and how real women handled them.

Today is chick's day on GHT - next post at noon is Adventure Girl's Wardrobe! The wardrobe for the girl adventurer! 

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