Medical Oddities

Pupula Duplex

Is it morbid to be curious about medical aberrations? Probably not. Many see such things as miraculously amazing, an example of the desire to survive, and others stop and realize how one tiny chromosomal error can cause a huge change. Let's have a look at some interesting oddities -

Leukodermia: Health experts in China say Nong Youhui from Dahua in southern China, has developed a bizarre condition where he can see perfectly in near pitch black conditions, being dubbed "Cat-Boy" by UK tabloid, The Sun. Doctors who studied Nong Youhui's condition say that he could "read perfectly without any light and sees as clearly as most people do during the day." Nong was born with a condition known as luekodermia, leaving Nong Youhui's eyes with extremely high light sensitivity and less protective pigment meaning he is susceptible to heavy sunlight exposure and eye damage. Nong's eyes apparently glow in the dark, such is Cat-Boy's receptiveness to any small amount of light in his eyes. "They told me he would grow out of it and that his eyes would stop glowing and turn black like most Chinese people but they never did," Ling Youhui, Nong's father said.

Fetus In Fetu: A rare condition in which a fetus becomes enveloped by its twin in the womb. Many cases of this involve a person not realizing the incorporated twin until imaging shows a mass inside the body. Others, have a stray limb, head, part of a 
scalp protruding.

Foreign Accent Syndrome: Occurs after a stroke--the person suddenly has a strange accent.

Cyclopia: The birth rate of this condition that has a sort of melding of two eye sockets into one is 1 in 16,000 and the great majority do not make it to birth. 

Mermaid Syndrome: Born with a fusing of the legs, these beautiful little babies have a hard fight ahead. Often, they are missing important features like a colon or bladder. 

HPV.  Human papilloma virus is not uncommon in the population, but for some the warts it creates take over as the immune system is obliterated. This man, above, was called the coral reef man.

Hypohydrotic ectodermal dysplasia. Some call this condition the vampire condition. It creates disruption in skin, nails, teeth and sweat glands. Skin is pale, they avoid the light, don't sweat much, and might have pointed teeth. 

Cotard's Syndrome:  Known as the walking dead syndrome, this one is a mental issue in which a person thinks he/she is dead and no longer exists. It is a very rare syndrome, but also quite unsettling.

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**Tomorrow's post "Are Bigfoot Autistic?" is an extensive post about Bigfoot that is filled with research supporting my hypothesis about Bigfoot's brain. Researcher James Carroll and I will present this controversial exploration. When you read the entire paper, you might find yourself seeing them in a new light and even our own kind's minds, as we shared a common ancestor or two.... **