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Into the Rabbit Hole: Discussion of Shadow People

This is a new series "Into the Rabbit Hole - Discussion." It was born from an aha moment when a researcher and I were discussing back and forth a paranormal subject and I realized the way we come to conclusions is as interesting as the conclusions. If you ever wanted to join a think tank and learn the process of contemplating the unexplained, you will enjoy this series.

Today's installment is a discussion between myself and James Carroll on the subject of Shadow People. And, yes, we come to a very chilling conclusion....

ME: I look at where they (shadow people) are and what they do and come to the conclusion they are not ghost related - locations are often outdoors and in parks and new homes. They also seem to think we can't see them. When we do look at them, they are startled and take off.

Jim: Wonder if they may be tied to elemental spirits? Be interesting to see what the Native Americans thought about them.


The Choctaws have stories about shadow beings. 
Nalusa Falaya, also known as a Impa Shilup, was the soul-eater, great black being. If people allow evil thoughts or depression to enter their minds, it would creep inside them and eat their soul.

Nalusa Falaya (long black being) resembled a man, but with very small eyes and long, pointed ears. He sometimes frightened hunters or transferred his power of doing harm. Some believed that Nalusa Falaya preferred to approach men by sliding on his stomach like a snake.

I found some Choctaw/Creek beliefs, which are basically the same and Cherokee beliefs. Surprisingly, I am not finding a lot of info on western tribal beliefs of shadow people. Also found a good reference of shadow people being humans seeing Jinn from their parallel world that existed beside ours.

ME:  I have heard Jinn referred to a lot. That is interesting.

JIM:  Islam is where the Jinn come from and just about the only occasion of shadow people referenced to not being all evil but can also be good.

It seems as if the talk of them really began in recent decades.

Seems that the Native Americans have had their beliefs for hundred of years, but our understanding started from a radio program from 50's or 60's.

ME: Interesting. I heard a theory that fast refreshing screens and computers/tvs have made it possible for us to see these things for the first time.

JIM: Where normally we couldn't see them, but in electronics you get the interpretations of energy into a visual media.

ME: May be. We see them first in peripheral vision and we try to focus on them and they can be gone. I have a thought, but it's a weird one.

I'm reminded of floaters.  Floaters in your eye.

So, you see it like a speck in your vision. If you try to follow it, it moves with your eye so it's gone.

They are spots in your vision. They may look to you like black or gray specks, strings or cobwebs that drift about when you move your eyes and appear to dart away when you try to look at them directly.

JIM: It's like having a small extra lens in your eye you can only look through under certain circumstances.

ME: It shows itself most when you look into a bright light or light background. That creates light to light up the gel particle in the vitreous. This is why they are silhouetted shapes from the light hitting it and making it easier to detect in your vision.

JIM: Yes you have light waves bouncing throughout your eyeball.

ME: So, any object in the vitreous fluid would show when lit. I am reminded of the odd quality of it disappearing when you go to focus on it - most of the times. Sometimes you see it even when you are looking straight on. I guess the question is it out there or in your eye? Well, I can probably dispute that because my son and I watched one together and he watched and interacted with one with a friend.

JIM: It would be interesting if we could find any commonality between possible shadow people and poltergeist. With poltergeist being a paranormal entity created by a living person.

ME: They are odd. They seem solid. They hold no light at all. It's that black hole effect that intrigues me. My son said his camera's focus light was on top of it, like it was solid. But it had no features. Pure lack of light. Some say they are short. Others tall.

JIM: Wonder if a shadow person could be created similarly? Then, there's the hat man.

ME: I'd almost like that concept except that people can see them together. Not sure if they can be projected from a person. PK (psychokinesis) is one thing we can never really take out of any equation.

Yeah. Sometimes they describe a hat.

JIM: Yeah. I read a bit on a type of SP (shadow person) called "Hat Man." A tall shadow apparently wearing a wide brim hat.

ME: See, the constellation of descriptions makes it hard to sort it out. It has no particular place it happens, no particular people, comes in many sizes, but always black, thinks you can't see it, disappears, doesn't speak.

JIM: Makes you almost want to start drooling on yourself.

Pretty much. What do we know? More reports now than in the past. We know they act as if they think we can't see them. That makes me think strongly of interdimensional.

JIM: I saw a part of an article that mentions a possible connection between SP and aliens.

ME: Hey, it's all on the table at this point.

JIM: What about if SP may be an alien that is observing us, but is not necessarily in our vibrational plane or has a type of camouflage that makes us not really notice them?

ME: Yeah. I'd almost like to know if contactees and abductees see them more often. I have always said the greys are not as they biologically appear to us - they are wearing a sort of suit. When I saw them leaving in a red-orange light, it seemed as if they were simply shedding the fake shell to become light and dissipate.

I'm probably wrong about contactees and abductees. The one my son saw with his friend, it was next to an altar in a cemetery at night. Why? These were regular teens, not abductees, and this thing was in a place where it was assured no humans would be at night. That's hardly the behavior of an alien seeking knowledge. .

JIM: In that instance could it be a resident that could not re-corperate any better??

ME:  Hmmm... So let's say they come as observers of a sort. Why do they appear purely black with no eyes, no features?

Is it our own trouble understanding something that sucks light from the space it inhabits? We have weak senses?

JIM: Easier to be unobserved or to blend into the background? I know that is the basis for what we call camouflage, to break up our look so harder for others to observe.

ME: If you had that ability, you would truly camo - reflect what's around you. The lack of features is what gets me. If it is purely black, no details, that is not a costume. That is impossible unless it's very existence blocks out things or somehow has no light reflection, even the eyes or it has no eyes.

JIM: Invisibility is a much harder thing to do and very energy intensive, but if you can fog yourself in a black haze and only have to completely go invisible when necessary would be a lot less energy intensive. Invisibility means completely either bending light around your body or having a camera and screen point over every part of your body. It would have to be paired with many others comparable to every viewing angle.

ME: Yeah, but to make an entire body surface and eyes and all go black....

It's entirely possible that if this is out of our realm of understanding sensory wise, we might be seeing waves instead of something our eyes understand and can interpret.

JIM: Heh, just thought of something from the "Restaurant at the end of the Universe."  It was a type of camouflage called "Not My Problem " shield.

I like the wave idea. We kind of get close to that in the last article about the BF standing still and us not seeing them until sometime later in video review.

ME:  Okay, so let's assume our eyes and ears are used to light waves and sound waves and interpreting them. But what about another wave out of our spectrum of perception? We don't see infrared or ultraviolet. Perhaps there is another energy wave, not sound or sight - but our eyes try to process it with our brain and we get a blank canvas where the waves are.

JIM: Oh there is a crap load of energy waves we can't see but affect us. Unified Field Theory. Maybe something like a microwave that instead of exciting the water molecules but affects what we see or not see.

ME:  Strange how it would have a form like us, two arms, two legs, all the trappings of us.

JIM: It may be a form of us.  But one from a different time or plane of existence.

ME: So perhaps man evolved here in a few forms? We would have seen them more. Why see them now? Harbingers?

JIM: Quite possible. Or maybe they are like historians that want to see how we live now or other aspects of our time. Maybe the SP look is a projection of beings into this plane.

ME: I contemplated once that black-eyed kids were just shadow people donning a suit so no one would know the wiser - but their eyes are all black because that's still part of the shadowperson they couldn't dress up....

JIM: A disguise of sorts.

ME:  Well, they are said to be 3-4 feet. People are starting to notice them. Weird thing is the black-eyed kids try to get into your car or house by acting helpless. Now, is that to get legitimate access without raising brows?

JIM: Well, aren't there tons of stories where the only way to gain entrance is with the permission of the main person? Almost like the main person has almost ultra-normal control over their environment.

ME: If they want to observe they can't do so in the black anymore. Gotta be a kid, kids get help from elders. Perfect ruse.

Then, there's the issue of interdimensional. I saw a video once that described that situation well. If we put a finger on a piece of paper, the 2D figure would see a dot near it and assume it was one its own kind because it can only register what is in its dimension, so these figures might be looking that way because that's the only part of it in our dimension we understand/perceive is the three-dimensional aspect.

Jim: Very good. 

Me:  So, instead of considering the dimensions as if something magically comes and goes from other dimensions (which would mean it has to alter its very content such as me taking a photo of myself to become 2D), we are sharing a space all the time. I am in the room with a TV screen. I can put my hand on it. I'm not entering 2D so much as interrupting it a bit. So it is with this higher dimension interacting with us.

Jim: If you think back to the Jinn story, they're world is beside us and we see them as shadows. Maybe this concept describes something, there may be an advanced culture in a parallel world and they are looking over at us from time to time.

We are characters on a screen to them.

They are able to project an aspect of themselves into this world and in some cases actually interact with us. Though that seems to be rare, almost a taboo.

Me:  Yup. I don't consider my own photograph much except that it is a facsimile of me. Perhaps we are a facsimile of them that is animated. There's a chilling thought. We're not too useful like the photo because, like the photo, we cannot interact or realize they are there and are lacking a sentience that makes us worthy (like the photo once again).

It is sort of related to some theories that Einstein had about parallel worlds existing along with us that may have diverged from great or not so great moments in history.

Also remember that several cultures had a great taboo about having their photo taken in that they believed the photo took part of their spirit with it and would possibly allow a bad person to be able to control them.

Jim:  I saw that Carl Sagan video - 

Holy crapamoly, Watson! I do believe we have it.

Sagan explained it just as well, if not a little bit better than we have. We are seeing the shadow of the projection of someone in another plane/dimension.

Me: Yes! And imagine if your photograph suddenly turned its eyes on you and you realized it saw you?

So, we became cognizant at times of another dimension - a prism. I wonder if our "real" selves in the next universe are visiting their facsimiles here? And, I wonder if like we would turn the photo upside down if it blinked at us, they do the same with us....

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