Saturday, November 14, 2015

Five Scariest Homes in America

Having grown up in a very active haunted home, a retired Civil War field hospital, I understand what can go on inside a haunted home, a creepy home, a scary home. Although my encounters were sometimes surprising or eerie, they were very natural for me, as I grew up with it since I was a baby.

Let's look at some homes that people might be very uncomfortable living in

Amityville House

This one tops the pop culture list of houses you don't want to spend time in. Although there were multiple murders that occurred there when Ronald DeFeo killed his parent and four siblings in 1974, many have questioned the legitimacy of the Lutz family's account in the book turned to movie, "The Amityville Horror." Many big-named investigators fed off of the sensational location with lots of big claims, but it appears if further residents have had no issues, other than the persistent lookie loo's driving by for photo ops.

Joshua Ward House

The Joshua Ward House in Salem, Massachusetts is said to be haunted by a witch and the man who killed her. 

The brick home was erected over a piece of land and foundation owned by an infamous Sheriff Corwin who put witches to the death. His methods of torture were well known and horrifying.

In fact, the sheriff was so detested that when he died the latter 1600s, the family buried him in the basement so no one would desecrate his grave. Years later, the body was moved to a cemetery, but many believe a curse was upon the home by a woman falsely accused of being a witch who was tortured under his directives. 

Today, her ghost is seen and many feel uneasy in the building. 

Franklin Castle

Franklin Castle in Cleveland, Ohio certainly looks every part the title of scary. A banker built this unique Victorian home and it was overly grand and impressive, befitting his position in society.

As soon as the banker built it; however, all kinds of calamities befell his family.  His mother and daughter died within weeks of each other. Many believed he was greedy and had hidden rooms and tunnels within the mansion. Rumors began the hidden cubbies were for killing servants, relatives, and even his own daughter.

No matter who moved into the castle, there were lots of rumors about tragedy and hidden rooms and tunnels being used for infamous deeds, even meetings of Nazis. 

Eventually someone moved in who searched for the hidden rooms and found human bones. Since then, o one else was interested in staying long, even one purchaser who spent a million dollars on renovations and moved out. 

At one point, someone started a fire in the building. 

It seems no one seems to stay with this project and it was boarded up until another ambitious but weak-kneed person comes along to take a brief whack at it.


John Sowden House

This home built in 1926 in LA had a very strange appearance like a shark with teeth. It was known as one of Frank Lloyd Wright's greatest designs. It would be an idyllic brooding location if it weren't for a nasty little murder here - the Black Dahlia. 

Actress hopeful, Elizabeth Short, was found in a lot, having been surgically cut in half. The doctor thought to have done it fled the country. Since then, people hear footsteps, voices, and an apparition. 

Berclair Mansion

This mansion was built in 1936 in Berclair, Texas. At one time, it sat empty for over 20 years. When workers came in to renovate, they were running into female apparitions in beds, in windows, and all over the place. 

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