Christmas Shopping For Para Geeks

Geeks and stores - not necessary an easy combo as most stores don't get quirky folks. Let's go online and help you shop for your eccentric and quirky geek friends. 

Tons of Paranormal Geek items at our shop

You don't have to buy a Bigfoot enthusiast a gilly suit, but you might consider getting a gift card for REI, Cabela's or army surplus store.

You're going to find ornaments that help a loved one express their uniqueness by checking out places like Etsy where artisans make very affordable and quirky ones.

Julie's and my book Paranormal Geeks that honors para geeks with dozens of interviews, quiz, types of geeks, ways geeks express themselves, how para geeks are born, celebrate Halloween, a para geek certificate, and notes from para geeks like Cliff Barackman and Ben Hansen.

(tons of variety from high tech geek to science geek)

Design Toscano
Fantasy, Victorian, Gothic Home

Victorian Trading Company
(tons of Victorian Era clothing, home goods, stationary and more)

Pyramid Collection
jewelry, clothing, shoes, home with new age/romantic feel

Planetary Glass Set
(all geek gifts)

(collectible figures for horror/scifi and more)

Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander, M.D.
(perhaps the most startling NDE book ever)

Army surplus
(bags for equipment, vests, boots, more)

AtmosCheerFX projection DVDs

Yeti Lego Set

Big Bang Theory Lego Set

UFO abduction Lego set

Aztec Death Whistle

(let them pick the collectible they must have)

When looking for gifts, considering using Etsy. There are lots of great artisans and vintage items on there that make the gift a one-of-a-kind. Also, if you do Google searches, consider using words like "nerd gifts," "geek gifts," "paranormal gifts," "haunted items for sale," and the like.

Some para geeks like experiences, ComicCon, local conventions and steampunk attractions. Keep your eyes posted online for such things that you can get tickets to ahead of time and don't forget science museum exhibitions and zombie walks.

If you enjoy hand making items for your para geek loved one, then you are a dream come true! There is nothing better than making a standing screen for projections and an AtmosFEARfx or AtmosCHEERfx DVD to have an ongoing Halloween or Christmas display in a window or on the lawn. 

As well, most para geeks would love some Halloween items for next year's haunt. 

You can even take it to the baking realm - 

Books, music, collectible dolls, toys, foods, jewelry, ornaments - lots of ways to express para favorites. Keep searching, I bet you find even more!