Monday, November 9, 2015

"Bigfoot Captured" on History Channel Tonight!

"Bigfoot Captured"

9 pm EST (of course for those of us with stupid Cox Cable in Arizona on Mountain Time, it's on at 11 pm because they force us to stay on Pacific time). 

Bigfoot is America's most legendary creature and one that has always inspired more questions than answers. Could something resembling a massive man-ape really be roaming forests and hiding in the shadows undetected? Whether you believe in Bigfoot or not, there's something provocative about the idea that we could be living with an unseen monster. But what if one day, we did more than catch a glimpse of one? What if we captured the creature? This two-hour special, compiled by a director who traveled the world looking for proof Bigfoot actually exists, takes an unexpected turn when a Sasquatch capture is caught on camera. What happens when what most of us think is fiction becomes fact? And what does it mean for us all if the creature really is out there?

This certified geek loves The History Channel shows. I hope this special is quality.

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