Saturday, November 7, 2015

Adventure Girl Tips! Be Inspired to Strike Out and Explore!

Adventure girl! What do women wear on adventure? If they're smart, they have few items, easy packing, and multipurpose. The best catalog in the world to find these fashions is Title Nine. It will blow your mind with versatile, multi-purpose, mix-and-match items made for water to exercise and great drying fabrics! 

Of course, there are standbys like Eddie Bauer, REI, army surplus, camping and sports stores, as well.

Pockets.  My first advice is pockets! I am wearing retired army surplus cargo shorts above with lots of durable pockets. No purse necessary.

While Squatchin', I wear a field vest with tons of pockets and rain resistant. Cameras, tape measure, gloves, plastic bags, GPS.... 

Ghost investigations, I use a HumVee mesh vest. It has over a dozen amazing pockets, places to clip carabiners and more! I know what goes in what pocket, so at the end of an investigation, I can pat down the pockets and know if I forgot something.

I use a lightweight t-shirt fabric hoodie with a front pocket pouch and hood. I put it over a tank top so if it gets warm, I pull it off, but if I'm in the woods, I can put the hood up to keep ticks out and use the front pocket for cameras, water bottle, protein bar....

Carriers. Hands free carrying equipment, backpacks and fanny packs are hands down winners. I used to use a fanny pack on ghost investigations until my equipment got too big and bulky. 

Layers.  Nothing beats tank top, tee, and lightweight button down shirt - you can remove layers as needed and add them again. 

Colors. I usually like to pick two colors for a trip. I might khaki and black, olive and cream, or camel and white, but whatever I do, it's always easier with two colors. 

Hats.  Hats are crucial for skin and hair, but also some protection from weather. I love this Brazilian tarp hat. It gets better with age, wearing, weather, and totally flattens for suitcases, is indestructible and never crushes. 

Scarves. Protect your hair, tie your pants up like a belt, cover you face in a storm, make a sling, use to carry gathered items. You should not go out without one! 

Dual purpose makeup: Lip moisturizer with color (use on cheeks too), sunblock stick with foundation color. 

Hair:  You can use barrettes and ponytail holders or hats, but sometimes, to keep the hair out of the way but still enjoy a good look later on, six or so braids around the head while swimming and hiking is great because when you take them out later on, crimped hair....

Being Resourceful: I have been known to use a feminine napkin and hair scrunchy to stop a bleeding wound and use an eyelash curler as a bottle opener. 

Utilize those sugar packets at your hotel room's coffee maker and make a body and face scrub for happy skin (one less thing to pack). The black tea bags, make a quarter cup of tea using one whole bag and let steep 10 mins. Cool. Dab on sunburns - redness is gone by the next day! The coffee grounds? Mix with lotion and rub under your eyes to get rid of puffiness or use a strong cup of coffee as a rinse in your hair, leave on an hour, rinse out. 

Tying you panties in a knot? You socks too! When they are dirty, tie them. This way you know what is and isn't okay to wear the next day and what needs cleaning. If you wash them in you sink, leave hanging to dry while you're away during the day. Or, you can use a plastic grocery bag to segregate. 

And, sometimes the setting sun and vigorous exercise is the best wash of color on you skin than any makeup. 

It's okay to be girlie and an adventuress because girls appreciates beauty, like sunset, birds soaring, and take the time to chronicle amazing sight in words, art and photographs. People might poo-poo the concept of a woman adventurer, but women bring magic to the process (and class).

Just some women adventurers to inspire....

Amelia Earhart
Amelia was an aviation pioneer, the first female to fly solo of the Atlantic.

The Lewis and Clark explorations of the US West has to give credit to their escort, Scagawea. This teenaged woman guided them through many rugged lands.

Harriet Chalmers Adams
In the Victorian Era, Harriet married a man who brought her to Mexico where she went in search of newly discovered Mayan and Aztec ruins. She went on to take notes, photograph and lecture about the wonders of the land and history.

Nellie Bly 
In the Victorian Era, she wanted to be a journalist. She pretended to be insane to do a study of a mental institute. She made a name for herself as an investigative journalist. 

Laura Dekker
This young woman from Holland was determined to sail around the world at the age of 14! It took her two years and she did it alone! (Her story is in the documentary "Maidentrip" on Netflix streaming)

Go for it!

I hope you are inspired to try something new, take a path you haven't taken before, make a spontaneous road trip, ride a zipline, camp out, photograph a rafting trek, photograph abandoned buildings, hike a famous path, or the like! Be sure to read the post this morning about real-life female role models portrayed in movies to get excited!

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