Thursday, October 1, 2015

Travel Channel's Halloween Offerings - Off the Charts!

There are some channels you gravitate towards this month - Syfy and Travel Channel top the charts! 

Travel Channel is starting today with a marathon of glory - 

Halloween Crazier
Halloween Craziest
Most Terrifying Places in America (marathon)
Mysteries at the National Parks (marathon); Chupacaba Island, Firestarter, Ape Man and Aliens, Flight to Hell, Portal to the Underworld, and soooo many more - nonstop! 

Are you ready? 

Oct 7th, look for Josh Gates to be back for a new season of Expedition Unknown. The channel will air first season episodes too. 

Scary places, haunted locations, Halloween mania, mysteries, unexplained, and more!

I'd say Travel Channel gets us.

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