How-To Video Bigfoot

Fred Kanney (above) demonstrated just one of a lot of great techniques being utilized in the field. In this case, his video "On the Hill," near the end you see him zooming in on something he seems that doesn't seem to belong. It was one of dozens of examples he's obtained of Bigfoot standing stock-still to hopefully not gain attention by their movement. If they stay still, you can see that they blend in greatly with the shadows of the forest, tree trunks and forest floor. In this one's case, however, Fred filmed him long enough to capture that the sun lit the hair and, no matter how still this Bigfoot tried to be, the wind fluttered its hair up and down - showing its telltale presence.

There are a LOT of things to take into consideration if you want to document Bigfoot. The #1 thing to understand is that THEY decide if they are okay with being near you or not. Their invisibility is not cloaking, magical, otherworldly or the like; it is simply a trick of the eye.

Fata Morgana (above) is an interesting optical illusion, like mirages, where light is bent and the result is that the eye sees the boat above the water! In the forest, the hair on Bigfoot's body absorbs both light and dark, making them dapple like rest of the forest. So long as they stay still wherever they are, you will go right past them. Ask Fred, he knows! 

Fred learned a panning technique with the camera that makes documenting Bigfoot a cinch! Stay in one place, pan slowly around you, zooming in on anything dark and unusual, take your time. Now, pan back slowly again, doing the same. The reason for this is manifold; you will luckily have zoomed in on interesting possibilities, but as you panned one direction and away from them, the Bigfoot move positions to hide, and when you pan back from the same position, you can show that they have moved, proving there was something mobile in the forest. 

Just know that as you pan, you may not see it with your eyes until you carefully review video at home. Don't be afraid to stop and slow video for review. 

And, folks at home looking at Bigfoot videos, at the bottom of YouTube video, it has a gear shape. You can slow the video down 25%, 50% if you want. 

When you are a people whose very lives depend upon being invisible, you learn to camouflage and hide, watching others, learning much. They are constantly noting our patterns on paths in the woods, the time we come and go from residences, the campground areas and other access points for us folks. They know the areas they are less likely to run into us, but they also know we come with trash and goodies, so they can silently observe us leaving a site to come in for the goods. They know our dumpsters, trash cans, and camp sites. 

It's exceedingly hard for a weekend researcher to make real headway with Bigfoot. It's just a fact that habituation sites and those who several times a week enter the same location, tend to have developed trust by not doing anything questionable, not pushing further into the territory, and not being loud, aggressive or unpredictable. The person who picks up litter, stops to smell a flower or leans against a tree for a nap in a gentle breeze, talks out loud in a soft and gentle voice, whistles happily, and keeps their hands in plain sight, are likely the least threatening person to deal with in the forest, therefore Bigfoot is more likely to come closer for curiosity sake, especially over many visits and a familiarity forming. Bigfoot are shy, serious, constantly assessing, and planning an exit, something like a shy person at a social function.

Beware of leaves!! I can't tell you how many times I've reviewed video where researchers had zoomed in and that also included leaves nearby. The leaves move and it looks like something taking off. Beware of zooming in with a branch in front of you. Grab the branch and pull it down while you film.

Try not to film while walking. The fact is, no matter how good you think you are at panning as you walk, you are aiming at the ground, the trees, up and down, half hazard side to side. Try to not pan up or down when you stop to video. In this one instance, Fred panned up and just about missed this youth peeking out from behind a tree - 

On the video, the head pops out from behind the tree, but Fred was aimed upward. Luckily, he captured a bit of it, but imagine if he hadn't looked up?

And, that's another thing - where you are aiming your head and your camera they are watching. When Fred started aiming his head and camera up, this Bigfoot decided to catch a glimpse. You can use this to your advantage. As you pan away, they make their move and when you pan back, you capture they are gone. As well, you can turn the camera around and hold it backwards, appearing to aim it with the movement of your head as you turn away, but you are actually film behind you, you can get them taking off. 

Just remember that you can't just film willy nilly and expect people to see the results and be convinced. You need to have a method to filming, not just bouncing around and swinging wildly. Walk. When you feel strange, stop. Pan slowly back and forth, zoom in and out. You want irrefutable proof something was that that was not there minutes later. 

Also, remember that being loud or intrusive and pushing into their territory is only going to make them retreat. Keep the human boundaries, take the paths and game trails, do not give them reason to be nervous, but do give them reason to be curious with light song, whistling, talking, taking your time, being completely nonthreatening but interesting. 

Know too that their very existence from birth has been focused on being camo'd. They will and can go completely still or drop to the ground in a second, and they do very often peek out from behind trees, so give those trunks a good looking at for any lumps and bumps. 

Lastly, do not use your cell phone. If you plan to use a cell for evidence, just don't even bother going in the woods. The quality is abysmal and trying to enhance frames only causes pixelation to the point of beyond-blobsquatch images. 

You are looking for something exceedingly intelligent and elusive. If you wonder what their life is like, consider seeing a movie like "Red Dawn" from the 1980s. It was a pretty good example of adapting for survival in the human family tree. 

I wish all luck at getting a glimpse of the secret people. I will remind you too that you almost never record them as you see them, but later when you review your video, you realize where they were hiding.