Thursday, October 22, 2015

How-To Use Autumn Apples!

Autumn time means an abundance of apples. Let's see what can inspire you - 

How about apple shrunken heads? 

Carving little heads out of peeled apples is a fun October activity. If you have some fake hair for the head, it's even spookier. Some rice for teeth and cloves for eyes and you are set!

Peel and carve the head and rub with lemon juice and lots of salt. 

Let it sit on a tray and dry for a few weeks to get the final results.

Tiny wires inserted as stitched mouth and eyes would further creep it out.

Or you can carve apples and skip the salt and lemon juice - 

There's nothing better in punch than floating apple heads - carve them and rub some lemon juice on them to keep them from browning and let them float in the punch.

If you have leftover apples, consider some tiny caramel apples.

Then, there's apple bobbing - 

How about apple quarters with a slice taken out and some slivered almond teeth?

Or you can use mini marshmallows. I suggest your rub the cut parts of the apple with lemon juice to keep from browning.

Half the apple, scoop out the guts, leaving some behind to keep it sturdy. Pour in melted caramel. Refrigerate until firm enough to slice.

Apple pie is good, but how about amping it up for the season? Near the apples in the produce department, you might have seen caramel wraps or caramel candies - Mix the pie as usual, but add a wrap to the pie bottom, pie middle and pie top or add caramels with the apple mix - you can also use red hot candies for candied apple pie too.

Dried apple is a great way to savor the flavor. Take a small apple an peel and core it. Slice into 1/8 inch thick slices and place on oiled baking sheet. Bake in 200 degree oven 2-3 hours until dry but still soft.

I love to work with apples. I do the items I've listed above, but also other things. Apple cider makes for great drinks. I make my own cinnamon vodka to put in it. I put 1 stick of cinnamon in a small bottle of vodka in the fridge for a few months, shaken now and then. 

I love tart apple dipped into a mix of peanut butter and Nutella heated in the microwave. 

I put the tart apples like Granny Smith in homemade juice with ginger root and carrot. 

I also put the tart apple chunks in my salads with my own cardamom candied walnuts. (Heat equal amounts brown sugar and water to boil and simmer a minute and add some ground cardamom, toss with walnuts, spread out on waxed paper and let cool). I might add some balsamic cooked chicken to the salad greens. You can also take and make a chicken salad with mayo, chicken, balsamic vinegar, grainy mustard, tart apple, celery, and walnuts.

Apple relish is a fantastic side to a sweet and savory chicken like Ginger Cinnamon Chicken and serve it atop quinoa with cranberries. How about fried chicken with apple coleslaw

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