Monday, October 19, 2015

How-To Host An Infestation-Themed Party

Some of us are old enough to remember the threat of the "killer bees" coming to America! Then, the fire ants arrived. Pretty soon, with city crowding, cockroaches and rats were horrifying. Don't even mention bird flus!

So, how about a theme party for friends who are seriously tough? 

An infestation party is a great concept. Mixed drinks can be the "cures." Arm each guest with a gift - a fly swatter or honey dripper! Invitations can be handed out clipped into a rat trap! Be creative with your smorgabord spread too!

Below, I've listed movies by themes - 3 movies for a good party play list and some party ideas. 


"The Birds"

Consider decorating with some fake birds in a grouping above the TV - 

Angry Birds fruit snacks?

Serving a roasted chicken might be appropriate, Wild Turkey drinks, spread feathers around the table OR go seaside like in the movie "The Birds" and have whitewashed planks, crab trap, seafood items - 



"Eight-Legged Freaks"

"Kingdom of the Spiders"

Spiders and webbing are mandatory 

Spider cupcake rings - 

Get some plastic cocktail glasses and some silver metallic craft paint and paint webbing on the OUTSIDE of the glasses. Put a plastic spider in each cocktail, atop the fruit piece. 

Spider ice cubes.

Consider using cotton candy for spider webbing in a bowl with jelly spiders.

"Killer Bees"
"The Swarm"
"Deadly Invasion: The Killer Bee Nightmare"

Honeycombs, bumblebees, honey - some of the themes to run through the party and perhaps black and yellow stripes.


"Food of the Gods"

A cheese tray is a MUST. 

Gummy rats for cocktails - 

Utilize the hole in the wall concept by making a box decorated to look like bricks and cut an arch-shaped hole at the bottom of the box that one must reach into the rat hole and pull out a prize, but include some oddly shaped, textured toys and treats.

A sewer rat cocktail with jelly rat inside is ideal! 

Rats nests could be created in bowls with shredded newspaper and cotton candy with bite-sized brownies inside. Sprinkle with cocoa nibs for rat droppings.

Consider making a red velvet bundt cake and carving out a couple of mice shapes, frost with gray-colored icing. 


"Empire of the Ants"
"Legend of Fire: Killer Ants"

Ant cupcake toppers -

Picnic ants in a zig zag pattern on the serving table - make the spread like a picnic atop a red and white check cloth, fried chicken, apple pie, potato salad...


"Snakes on a Plane"

Gummy rattlesnakes for a powerful rattlesnake cocktail

Rubber snakes - 

Thematically, you might consider doing a western rattlers and rocks/cacti theme or go tropical rainforest with tropical fruits and anacondas wrapped around items, including small snakes around glass stems.

If can also make some fake edible snakeskin. 

Or you can frost donut long johns like snakeskin patterns such as corn snake.

Enjoy your infestation party, just remember a strong drink with the element represented, edible representations, the colors associated with the item or the patterns, and enjoy the creep factor. Rats in the city theme, snakes in the desert (use colored sugar for sand), ants at a picnic, birds at the seaside, and bees and honey.

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