How-To Develop Your Psychic Skills


How are they made?

Well, I like to think of it as practiced. One needs to have the right exposure the first 3 critical years (look on right hand side of ghost hunting theories for post about psychically critical first 3 years).

But, to really tap it, you have to become liquid and not solid.

You have to let go of your mind's beliefs, assumptions, need to control, and the concept that you have a body with parameters.

Once you become liquid - you can flow.

What does flow feel like? 

I suggest regular daily testing your PSI skills. I use the Boundary Institute. I have learned not only what my strengths are in the types of skills, but learned that synchronicity that happens in mind and body when you have chosen correctly. It is a bit like being "off" the time line and without linear time to what you are doing. 

You are in a state of suspension.

The reason some people resist the flow is that empaths often feel bombarded by and influenced by others feelings. 

Flow is not the same as drinking in.

Flow is enter AND exit.

Think neutrinos not particles. 

To be effective, you must not see yourself as an end point. 

You are unobstructed, flowing, liquid, and no ego is in the picture. Ego tends to make us want to overthink for fear of failure.

When I do PSI testing - I test exceedingly quickly. I do not stop and consider for even a fraction of a second. 

That beating the clock attitude lets you surpass the analytical mind to access decisions by "randomness" and it's in that randomness you find PSI gold.