Friday, September 25, 2015

Ushering in Autumn and Halloween Season

There is something to be said about traditions and rituals. Fall ushers in a time that makes us nostalgic for a brand new spiral notebook and colored pens, sweaters, hot cocoa, and slippers. 

How do you usher in the season and get into the mindset of slowing down, celebrating holidays and embracing the chill?

Autumn - time to enjoy peak colors, but do you stop to pick up the leaves? 

How do you preserves leaves to enjoy them forever? 

Here's just some ways -

One part glycerin and one part water in a pan, soak the leaves in it with a weight on them. Do so for 2-6 days. Dry them with a towel.


Sandwich leaves between sheets of waxed paper. Place an old cloth rag atop it. Place iron on high without steam. Slowly run it back and forth over the rag atop the waxed sheets. Once it starts to seal, press iron atop of it in place 4-5 seconds. Let cool. 

Some suggestions for getting into the mood - 

Lie back and watch the birds fly south.

Walk through the woods and pick up leaves, pine cones and take photos of mushrooms.

Have a fire pit or bonfire and invite friends for storytelling and yummy hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire. 

Light candles and watch horror movies.

Make hot cocoa, wear slippers and robe while listening to Nox Arcana music.

Put on movies to get you in the mood by picking a theme: 

Halloween, Halloween II, Halloween H2O (Halloween)

Practical Magic, The Craft, The Covenant (Witch)

Night of the Living Dead, Phantasm, Cemetery Man (Undead)

The Fog, The Haunting, Sleepy Hollow (Ghosts) 

The Lost Boys, Underworld, From Dusk Till Dawn (Vampire)

Sometimes, just donning a costume makes you take on a persona. Don't we all love the shorter days? Longer shadows? Brighter colors? Growing magic and mystery?

Here is wishing everyone a glorious season. Some of us come alive in autumn - 

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